Battle the Apocalypse with aPOPcalypse!

InĀ Jim Groom’s Educational aPOPcalypse video, he’s concerned that problems in education are dramatized to create hysteria and despair (there’s no way out!) But he doesn’t believe in this alarmist approach, rather he looks to the creativity found in participatory web culture and calls on us to respond to problems by harnessing this energy, excitement, and even sense of humor (yes maybe we need to laugh our way out of the problem). Jim uses 25 animated GIFs to emphasize his point.

I want you to find your own example of an educational ‘crisis’ real or not. And tell us how you might look at it differently, not as you would rubber-neck at a multiple car pile-up on the highway, but how you might envision the problem as something solvable. Also find and embed an image or video which you believe emphasizes your new perspective. Please be sure to link back to the original story as well.