Visual Assignment 487 – DS 106 (Chris Brown & Drake)

Sometimes having a greater variety makes it difficult to make a decision. I can certainly say that this was the case for the visual assignment. After an hour of browsing, I finally decided on Assignment 487. I selected a picture of hip-hop/R&B artist Chris Brown and Drake since they recently got into a melee at a NYC club. This is certainly another black eye for the hip-hop culture. Two young successful artist’s simply not thinking logically and not serving as role models to their younger fan base by getting into a scuffle over another female celebrity that wasn’t even present at the time.

Hope you enjoy the picture and quote!




New face of money

The new face of money

I worked on the ‘Create a New You‘ visual assignment from the ds106 assignment bank. It asks you to:

Take an existing photo of yourself, and edit in a way to give the picture a different look. Color your hair, change your eyes, whiten your teeth, get a “tan”, etc.


This portrait is a new me as you can seei am the new face of the 100 dollar bill. I did this picture doctoring through a website which i don’t remember but if i can find the website i will tag in the post. what inspired me to do this is the idea of having money and embodying being the face of money because i have so much of it.

How i can incorporate this into the classroom setting as a teacher is to have students envision themselves in he future where they see themselves or how they would see themselves and photoshop a picture of themselves or a picture which would show their future success or endeavors.

how i created this picture was to take an original photo of my self then i uploaded it to a website then i played around with the background and setting then incorporated the 100 dollar bill frame on this doctored setting already