Are School Closings The Answer? Or Is It a Way to Sugar Coat Other Underlying Issues?

Earlier this year New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg along with his administration announced 26 schools closings throughout the city. Some of these schools are among the oldest institutions in the city.

Part of the plans call for these schools to re-open next fall with the same students, but will host new names and will have some new teachers and administrators.

In an effort to qualify for federal grants under President Obama’s “Turnaround” model, the city has plans to keep at least 50% of the staff for each of these schools. The question is, are these school closings the answer for these communities? Or is a way to make our politicians look like they are working in the best interest of the students and their communities.

I can agree that there are some bad apples in terms of staff and administrators throughout the entire NYC school system, but does this justify a school closing? Or is this a short term solution for the city to qualify for federal grants? There so many issues and debates over current issues with the NYC Department of Education and how Mayor Bloomberg has handled the department during his tenure. The questions still remains, what will the school system accomplish from this move?

The NY Times article published on April 26, 2012 by Anna M. Phillips describes some of the details of what will transpire this coming school year in September 2012.