AC230 Maker Faire!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2008

For our final class, we are going to have an opportunity to present and play with the tools and projects we’ve all been working on for the past three weeks. Each of you will be able to demonstrate and get others to use your tools in a ten-minute informal presentation. We’ll run three at a time so people can bounce between the various projects. I’m planning on broadcasting the event on a live webstream, so hopefully we’ll get some online participants watching and giving us feedback too.

Also I’m going to set-up some stations for ‘making’ the day of the fair. You’re welcome to set-up a station as well for others. It’s all in the maker spirit and for fun.

Stations I’ll setup are as follows:

  • colored eggs with messages about creating.
    October 2010 - 16
  • make a human animated GIFs gallery
  • sci-fi a toy (with silver paint) – get ambitious and you can make an R2-D2 bike helmet.

Leave you’re ideas in the comments and bring anything you’d like!

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