A Portable Heater is a Science Wonder

Evelyn and I partnered up to create a portable heater. This heater maker project is a science and technology project for the future. Students can create their own modern forms of technology such as a mini heater as well, maybe even their own versions of vacuums, or televisions- its nice to think that students can use their imaginations to recreate modern technologies. Other than science and technology, this maker project can date back to centuries and a lesson can be made for a History class as well. This project can also be used for students outside of the classroom, like in the wilderness. Creating a portable heater is not only savvy but useful. Think, “need to boil water to drink during this camping trip- thats right! I have my portable heater!” Just some wonders of science people, thanks!


Making Real Life Parabolas

After looking through some math projects, I was very underwhelmed. That was until I took another look at one of the “top math blogs” that I discovered after last assignment.

A homemade catapult! This project was used to help students use the information they learned after a unit on parabolas in a fun, and interesting way. I also think it would give students understand how math can be applied in a less abstract way.