Teaching Design

Emily Pilloton: Teaching design for change

Emily Pilloton founded Project H Design in Bertie County, North Carolina, one of the poorest and most rural county in the state. Project H Design would develop a design-build curriculum for high-school kids. Project H is a design organization merges the power of design to the people who need it most, and the places where it can make a real and lasting difference. It makes way for creative capital that schools may more then need.

What Design Can Do: Emily Pilloton and Project H VIDEO | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

An Interview with Ms. Pilloton:

Interviewer: “Of course none of this would be possible without modern technology—websites and emails—but how do you make everyone feel like they’re a part of this thing happening, together?

Ms. Pilloton: “we’re really big on documentation and telling stories. I think that’s the key to keeping people working towards a collective goal, but being able to do it in their own way. We give them the tools to document and tell stories, but then measure their impact.”
Read more: http://www.dwell.com/articles/interview-emily-pilloton-of-project-h.html#ixzz1x23b6Pwk

Visiting Professor Smith’s twitter page got me scrolling onto Tim Owens, then onto Jason Floms… but none were capturing my interest so I figured I’d hit TED talks on youtube and I educated myself about this woman Emily Pilloton and I found someone whose beliefs could match my own. I enjoyed her video and what she stands for hopefully you all do to.