Bridging the gap in education with technology

In todays progressive society in technology teachers implement technology into the classes which gives students a practical experience in the course curriculum.Through technology teachers guide students learning instead of telling students what they should learn. students learn from critical thinking and how the topic relates back to themselves. Technology in the class breaks from the traditional setting of education because there are more tools to model what students should be looking for within the topic.

In the article ” A Survey of Surgical Simulation: Applications, technology, and Education

Liu, A & et al. (2003) states ” Simulators provide a structured learning experience, permitting practice without danger to patients, and simulators facilitate the teaching of rare or unusual cases… simulators can also be used to provide an objective assessment of skills (pg.599). Technology can assimilate real life situations in learning friendly environment. Students skills can be  assessed with how proficient they solve a problem or complete lesson objectives.