Super Saiyan 4 for students

We get inspiration from various people and as young people and students we look to super heroes who we look up to and would like to be in order to face and overcome obstacles which come our way. From Batman out smarting bad guys saving the day, super man and his strength and speed defeating practically anybody and other heroes who overcome obstacles and prevail. As a student school is an obstacle we must overcome in order to be successful in life so take an image of your self and edit it so you can create yourself as your own super heroe or a super heroe that already exists. have fun with this explain in your picture how this super heroe will over come challenges in school and how the use of your super powers will help you. create a mini story explaining the image.

I photoshop my picture @ where it is the easiest format of photoshopping pics.


super saiyan

As a student i face many challenges throughout my studies. Instead of letting these obstacles over take me and hinder me in school i take that fear, doubt, anger, and channel it to destroy anything in my way which may prevent me to do well in school. In my super saiyan Goku form i can achieve anything. First pic is me fully powered up in dragon ball z and the 2nd pic is me slightly powering down returning back to normal.

Students will create stories such as this one of themselves as a super heroe or any creative piece which will tell a story.


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