slide guy on alien egg sack

here’s my first photoshop picture, from the ds106 assignment blog. i used adobe photoshop and watched a video tutorial on how to do it. it was a simple task once you view someone else do it. i decided to put slide guy on the alien queen’s egg sack thingy from the film Aliens because it’s funny looking and gross! and one of those scenes that grossed me out when i was a kid.

My Sister’s A Ghost?!

The visual project I decided to do was Is That A….Ghost?!

I was really excited about this project, and recruited my little sister to model. She had way too much fun with it, and she inspired me to take this project one step further. I knew I could make a still of a “ghost;” I wasn’t sure if I could make a gif of a ghost. I decided to try something different.

This was really fun, but a bit more work than I expected. I took my favorite picture of my sister, and cropped out the background on photoshop. I added a clear layer on top of that and painted a semi-translucent layer of green to give her a “ghostly feel.” Adding another clear layer I outline her in green and put that layer behind her. Now that she was emitting a ghastly green glow, I flattened the three layers to one.

Then I had to get the ghost to float. I added the gif background, which was a picture of my living room. I still wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to pull this off; I did know I needed multiple background layers and multiple ghost layers, so I made duplicates of both. I hid all the layers except for one background layer and one  ghost layer. I figured I should start with where I wanted the ghost to end up. Then I made another ghost layer visible, and moved the ghost a “head” lower than the one before. I did that until I had about eight ghost going lower and lower.  I made a top layer that had a line that approximated where I wanted the ghost to start to appear from the floor. I used that as a guide to erase the excess. When that was done I moved the layers into the proper order.   Next I changed all the ghost layers to 55% opacity. This created the transparent ghost effect. I still thought it needed something else so I added a darker green around the area where the ghost was rising through the floor. After deciding I liked the final product I merged each ghost layer to a background layer. Then I added a plain background layer to the beginning of the gif and a background layer with just a dark green line where the ghost will start to rise. I adjusted the size then saved it for web devices as a gif.


Rey Awesome in Apocalypto

For my visual assignment, I was to add myself into a movie scene. What better scene then from Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson?

Add yourself to a movie scene! Preferable a famous movie. The creepier you are, the better.

Using I managed to crop out my head from an image and paste it onto this actual image from the movie; and I added my mask by drawing on my actual image, it was fun!

Students that can learn the photo shop skill can always use it for presentations in school, at home, for work. Photoshopping believe it or not is a skill and a desired one since the world is only getting more and more technological. I really think that students can use this to express their thoughts as well. I think that the things your students gravitate to is a crucial thing to learn. Each student is different and when as a teacher, you are able to identify your students individually, you can better connect with that student. I feel that when their is a better connection with your students by understanding and knowing them, it provides support and comfort in learning. Also, teacher are able to adjust their lesson plans to the needs of every student.