Money well spent?

It seems that we have been at war since the beginning of time. Actually, this is most likely the case. However, our educational system has subsequently floundered due to our preoccupation with war, fear mongering, and propaganda that is fed to us on a daily basis by the media. It is evident that most people today get all their information from the television. Peter Finch’s character in “Network” (1976) examines the media in a time before it became the monstrosity that it is today.


If one was to look at the federal budget for 2013 on our national defense and compare to the the budget  department of education of that same year one would see the vast disparity in where federal dollars are being sent. The government spends approximately seven times more on our national defense than on education. Also, government spending on education has decreased dramatically since No Child Left Behind’s enactment. One can conclude that government is getting what it has payed for. Is the game rigged? There seems to be no straight answer for the problems facing education. However, I think the majority would agree that funding is a major issue. If the schools do not have the resources needed then how can teachers provide an environment where learning is at its full capacity? It simply cannot be done. However, will that ever change? Or is it just a constant struggle that will continue forever in education. Are we doomed? The video below gives some insight into what education was and what it has become.


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