Is online blogging the new, “it girl” in education?

I was doing my search for a good personal blogger who blogs solely about education. To do this my search started on the GOOGLE search engine of course. To be honest, I found this search a bit tedious and I had to dig and dig to find an interesting personal blogger who actually came up in the search when I typed in, “personal bloggers” I clicked on the image section in GOOGLE and then a million hits later I came across her site. As I read the headline, I was immediately ┬áintrigued. Her blog spot really is so unique in the fact that she is a professional teacher who teaches solely from her RV most times. This teacher believes that education is so important and is the key to success. The most important thing that I found different was the fact that she loves to camp and travel around the world. She said that for her wedding gifts instead of typical fine glass and china she wanted things that she and her husband could make great use of. She asked for camping equiment. Now how does this tie into her as a teacher and her views on education? She is quite different. You see online teachers teaching fgrom the comfort of their home, etc. However, she is a teacher that not only remarkavbly blogs but also she also grades exams, she responds to outstanding numerous e-mails dail and makes them a part of her professional life and she also takes the time to identify the weak spots of each and every single one of her students as if she had known them her entire life.