My digital storytelling for the future kiddies of America =)

I am doing a double major including English as well as Early Childhood Education. My goal is to become a 2nd grade teacher. I love children and I always want them to implement their thoughts and creativity through any means necessary whether it includes writing, singing, sports, whatever may be the case. Today, our world has been heavily influenced by social media and digital ways of expressing one’s inner emotions as well as thoughts.By incorporating fun techniques such as using the internet at a young age, some children may  have a great way to express themselves and learn about the world and the unlimited technology it offers.  I would definitely like to incorporate some type of digital knowledge that I feel should be mandatory for parents to work with their children and teach them. After all, the world is based a lot on digital media and effects nowadays anyways. So this would be a plus.

I would want their assignment to be to work with their parent, older sister, brother or uncle who is over sixteen who understands digital storytelling or how to make media in general and help their child to pic their favorite childhood memory.  Then, they would have to edit that picture to show some type of before and after behavior of their favorite picture or memory. This idea serves as a bonding situation for the parent/guardian as well as the child. It’s very sweet.