“What Do People Think…. About Teens?

The storytelling assignment that I would use in my future classroom would be themed around “Turning a Negative into a Positive”. I came up with this idea when browsing through the design assignments on the ds106 website and I came across the “What People Think I Do” meme. It consisted of different images of¬†sterotypes of what people thought about college students and the final frame represents the actual person.

The objective of this assigment would be to teach my future students about various sterotypes and how they can change a negative sterotype into a possible positive one. This will also teach them that a picture can be worth a 1000 words when different people give their opinions. I also created a meme myself of “What People Think of Teenagers”.¬†I really enjoyed this design assignment and look forward to doing this with my future students.

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100+ Possibilities for Digital Storytelling in the K-12 Classroom

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How you might you create a DS106 styled assignment that fulfills a K-12 learning objective? Consider how storytelling can be used to support student learning.

You’ve dabbled with a couple ds106 assignments, now it’s time to create your own but with a twist. I want you to create assignments that fulfill a K12 lesson objective.

So in a blog post describe and complete two assignments:

  1. One assignment that would fit in either the visual or design category.
  2. A assignment that would fit in either the audio or video category.
For each one, you must describe the assignment, describe the K12 learning objective, and illustrate the assignment with an example.
Be sure to describe your process for completing the assignment you’ve made and reflect on how you think your K12 students would respond to it. Also reflect on how you might modify the assignment for different lessons. And describe how you might have students create/modify assignments as well.