Ignite Talk Saturday with Mel Chua


I had a bit of difficulty understanding what she was saying at first. To be completely honest, I had to re-watch this video twice to really get a grasp of what she was saying. However, Mel Chua is a very interesting and quite unique individual.  To me, she stands out from the rest because what she discuesses in her video is a little different than a lot of things.


A little about Mel Chua:

Mel Chua is a contagiously enthusiastic hacker, writer, and educator with over a decade of teaching and curriculum development experience and a solid track record in leadership positions at Red Hat, One Laptop Per Child, Sugar Labs, Fedora, and other Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) communities. Currently based at Purdue University, she bridges academic research on successful communities with deep personal experience getting her hands dirty building them.  She loves loves loves hacking into  things especially hardware as well as software. She also considers herself a major geek. She also enjoys learning about learning and teaching herself new hacker qualities,etc./ Her teaching style is geeky mixed with wacky which is so unique in today’s society. I thought that she was pretty cool.

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