Reflections of AC230

As I’ve always said, this course was a great experience and actually a breath of fresh air. I was able  to throw on  my thinking cap and let my thoughts and ideas take over when it came to blogging and researching for each particular post. I came into this course with a open mind and praying that these 4 weeks wouldn’t be dull, boring or a drag. From the moment I stepped into the class and the professor outlined the course and what he expected from us, I already knew this wasn’t going to the typical course and I was super excited and enthused, which can be rare when it comes to higer education courses. The methods and material was more open and hands on, and fun at the same time.

The things that were most important to me with this course was definitely the creativity aspect. I LOVED the digital storytelling assignment, I learned how to create a montage and a Meme. I also LOVED the makers assignment and working along side of Reyawesome, because as future educators we will find ourselves working together. There were so many I wanted to try and I’m sure that I will in the near future. This course definitely has me preparing for my debut as a Educator and the many things I would like to incorporate into my curriculm. I can’t really say that I thought anything was of least importance because I was able to benefit from every assignment and post. I’ve even shared them with with friends and family and they called me their “sexy nerd” and asked “What aren’t you good at ?!?” I just laughed because I really enjoy what I do and I put effort and passion into every assignment.

I’ve also created my own blog page called “Rants and Raves of Eve” I look forward to anyone who would like to follow and keep up with by blogs. Page is still underconstruction but it will be tweaked over time. I would like to thank Professor Smith for the wonderful experience and wish the rest of my classmates the best of luck in their future endeavors!

A Portable Heater is a Science Wonder

Evelyn and I partnered up to create a portable heater. This heater maker project is a science and technology project for the future. Students can create their own modern forms of technology such as a mini heater as well, maybe even their own versions of vacuums, or televisions- its nice to think that students can use their imaginations to recreate modern technologies. Other than science and technology, this maker project can date back to centuries and a lesson can be made for a History class as well. This project can also be used for students outside of the classroom, like in the wilderness. Creating a portable heater is not only savvy but useful. Think, “need to boil water to drink during this camping trip- thats right! I have my portable heater!” Just some wonders of science people, thanks!


Video Assignment – Last Friday Night Montage

So upon doing the video assignment from ds106 I hit a few bumps in the road trying to make sure the visual matched the audio as close as possible. Despite all else I did enjoy using my creative mind to do this assignment. I decide to do the assignment “Make a Montage”, where I had to take clips that matched what Katy Perry was signing about in her song “Last Friday Night”. I worked diligently on this and hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Please click the link below:


As a future educator assignments such as this one, my students can   their favorite TV shows or songs into their own Montage of funny clips of themselves and friends.


Your story has gone digital

Digital storytelling is telling a story with  use of tools, in this case digital story telling in our class has required us to use the internet and its many sources. How can digital storytelling be used in a classroom? How does it support student learning and development?

Digital story telling is one of several ways to tell a story.Telling your story digitally can enhance your computer knowledge and skill. While digital story telling can shape a classroom, it also provides a space for which can be learned from. Students can use internet sources to help establish projects or presentations in class. Students may explore, and make individual meaning to the work. Personal connections can be drawn from the topics of their choosing, and it can help students express ideas, thoughts, and knowledge.

Digital story telling can be beneficial for teachers as well. Digital story telling can allow students some free and lenient space to adapt, and conquer. Teachers can assess by noting progress of students and can find where issues may lie. Homework and classwork can be handed out through the net and this allows students the opportunity to research and dive, even discuss their methods of learning.

Digital story telling is the new innovative way to learn and teach. Teachers can also explore the realms of the internet with their students which can create a common task and goal. While some teachers are also creating this can make students feel more comfortable with the common long and short term goals of the teacher. Using digital media, images, and story telling can open doors for peers to interact as well as interacting with the teacher.

Encourage students to tell their stories…


Can the ‘layering’ that’s possible in audio, video, and image in a digital story support the learning objective? Of course! ‘layering’ in audio, image and video production supports the learning objective be providing steps. In order for the student to create a whole full on video he or she can start by developing the image first and then the audio and finally the movie, collaborating all of which was learned into a story. Student grouping and individual learning is also involved as well as providing student body with a challenging assignment in which he or she can connect to and develop skills from. Teachers can assess students as well as decipher which learning styles are favored by students.


Rey Awesome in Apocalypto

For my visual assignment, I was to add myself into a movie scene. What better scene then from Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson?

Add yourself to a movie scene! Preferable a famous movie. The creepier you are, the better.

Using I managed to crop out my head from an image and paste it onto this actual image from the movie; and I added my mask by drawing on my actual image, it was fun!

Students that can learn the photo shop skill can always use it for presentations in school, at home, for work. Photoshopping believe it or not is a skill and a desired one since the world is only getting more and more technological. I really think that students can use this to express their thoughts as well. I think that the things your students gravitate to is a crucial thing to learn. Each student is different and when as a teacher, you are able to identify your students individually, you can better connect with that student. I feel that when their is a better connection with your students by understanding and knowing them, it provides support and comfort in learning. Also, teacher are able to adjust their lesson plans to the needs of every student.



Grant Potters and such

Grant Potters talk is very interesting to me. I feel that it is important that he creates this sort of confidence in his students and doesn’t put emphasis on assessment but rather he creates a free space for creativity and consciousness. He states that students should appreciate screw-ups and learn how to leverage them, which is something I entirely can agree with. I do feel that there is always a negative stigma to failure which in most cases there can be, but at the same time trying again or fixing mistakes is what life is all about. I feel that grant is preparing students for reality and this is a lesson you couldn’t often get anywhere else. Grants radio project, is an amazing way to have students participate as well as build confidence by encouraging them to take risks. Grant creates an open space to share thoughts, ideas, criticisms and this is special in the learning environment. It is okay to fail, you can fall it is important. I think Grants opinion about assessment is true as he feels that projects don’t need to be assignments but rather an expectation. “It is a journey, there will be struggles, states Grant.” Grant approaches things in a more holistic way which can make for positive changes in our students. I really loved when Grant says that we have to make it part of the culture that failure is part of learning process in a classroom. A few important issues that someone brought up in the question and answer is that Girls are not geared towards building, and he stated that it isn’t as true today. I feel that Grant is correct at the same time most families are still structured in old ways and these students are still and may possibly still be affected by gearing. Males still are possibly more geared towards building then girls. Another great question from the Q and A stage was about special needs students and building, how it can help them as learners. I don’t feel that Grant posed a very good answer because he may not have have had a good answer about that issue, I feel that he almost couldn’t answer it. As amazing as maker culture is, how can we include students of special needs? This is the only hindrance for me to absolutely loving his methods of teaching.

I suppose I may make a space craft, but am likely to change my mind – Teachers can introduce to students the concept of frictionless motion by building a hovercraft themselves. I figure students can always modify their hovercraft by using other things that float in the air, maybe electric powered airplanes. Honestly this idea is dry and when its dipped in the water may change.

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Is online blogging the new, “it girl” in education?

I was doing my search for a good personal blogger who blogs solely about education. To do this my search started on the GOOGLE search engine of course. To be honest, I found this search a bit tedious and I had to dig and dig to find an interesting personal blogger who actually came up in the search when I typed in, “personal bloggers” I clicked on the image section in GOOGLE and then a million hits later I came across her site. As I read the headline, I was immediately  intrigued. Her blog spot really is so unique in the fact that she is a professional teacher who teaches solely from her RV most times. This teacher believes that education is so important and is the key to success. The most important thing that I found different was the fact that she loves to camp and travel around the world. She said that for her wedding gifts instead of typical fine glass and china she wanted things that she and her husband could make great use of. She asked for camping equiment. Now how does this tie into her as a teacher and her views on education? She is quite different. You see online teachers teaching fgrom the comfort of their home, etc. However, she is a teacher that not only remarkavbly blogs but also she also grades exams, she responds to outstanding numerous e-mails dail and makes them a part of her professional life and she also takes the time to identify the weak spots of each and every single one of her students as if she had known them her entire life.


Teaching Design

Emily Pilloton: Teaching design for change

Emily Pilloton founded Project H Design in Bertie County, North Carolina, one of the poorest and most rural county in the state. Project H Design would develop a design-build curriculum for high-school kids. Project H is a design organization merges the power of design to the people who need it most, and the places where it can make a real and lasting difference. It makes way for creative capital that schools may more then need.

What Design Can Do: Emily Pilloton and Project H VIDEO | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

An Interview with Ms. Pilloton:

Interviewer: “Of course none of this would be possible without modern technology—websites and emails—but how do you make everyone feel like they’re a part of this thing happening, together?

Ms. Pilloton: “we’re really big on documentation and telling stories. I think that’s the key to keeping people working towards a collective goal, but being able to do it in their own way. We give them the tools to document and tell stories, but then measure their impact.”
Read more:

Visiting Professor Smith’s twitter page got me scrolling onto Tim Owens, then onto Jason Floms… but none were capturing my interest so I figured I’d hit TED talks on youtube and I educated myself about this woman Emily Pilloton and I found someone whose beliefs could match my own. I enjoyed her video and what she stands for hopefully you all do to.

My Vision of College Today: The Need for an Evolution

Watching the video by Michael Welsh, gives the harsh reality of how students feel about sitting through a traditional lecture in college. Most professors tend to get up there and talk for 2-3 hours straight without any breaks. They expect most students to copy what their saying word for word, or others read directly from the textbook.

Returning back to school after a 8 year break, I was expecting that the style of teaching would have evolved since then but to no avail its pretty much the same. In the article, “The Evolution of American Higher Education”, by James M. Danko, the author also discusses the need for change with the way colleges and universities are teaching students. Students of today are more creative and inventive and colleges would need to be the same in order to attract students that are already worried about their investment in their eduaction due to the struggling economy.

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Resisting the Heroic Role when the Government Declares a Crisis


After watching the Jim Groom video and hearing him talk about how the term Educational Crisis and how it’s being blown out of proportion, I did my research about other issues of educational crisis. I came across a article in “The New Yorker”  called “The Overblown Crisis in American Education” by Nicholas Lemann, in the article it brings up many valid points of why the term is being overly used when it comes to the American Educational System. The article discusses the education crisis is mainly always focused on the low quality of education that poor urban children is receiving, the author mentions this is not a new problem but a problem that been around since the beginning of time.  He pointed out that despite how much the system is talked down upon it is still succeeding. During the time of the recession more students are opting to go to colleges & universities for higher education despite the rapid tuition increase and the many For-profit online institutes popping up. The author then went on to discuss the emerging of Charter Schools versus Public Schools and how they are the problem because he stated that there were no known facts that they are better than Public schools. He stated that Charter Schools are fitted together to neatly and come off as sort of being “perfect”. Charter schools are known as being apart of school-reform efforts where they are suppose to have some of the better performing students. Charter schools is not the only school-reform efforts but its the most recognized, many others go unnoticed or unmentioned. The author stresses that instead of the government “Noah’s Arking” the system by trying to wash away the entire system and starting over they should try to fix what’s undeniably wrong without declaring the entire system broken. This alone will eliminate all the heroic effects that tend to take place when it comes to the many  school-reforms thats taking place, he compares the efforts to deregulating the banking system.
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