Chris Lawrence Video- Poll Results

So I’ll begin by revealing my thoughts to my own questions before I read yours.

Question 1:  Is summer an appropriate season for this “Party”?

Me: First and foremost, I think that the whole idea of a party is great, but summer is my special favorite season. Not only because I usually host a bbq birthday party for myself and my daughter in the beach or at a water park or even in a pool, but because It can be amazingly HOT.  To make my point, as hot as it was today 96 degrees.  To be honest I dread having to be home when its this hot out.  I’de rather be on the beach under my large umbrella and enjoying the oceans cool breeze or swimming.  You probably think I’m a little too selfish, but that’s just my thought.  Just to show that I am not that selfish I have registered to attend Hive NYC Summer Code Party Pop-Up with Tumblr and Mozilla (Free).

According to the feedback I obtained, all of you disagreed with me nevertheless I value your feedback.

Questions 2: Do you think it’s a great idea to allow teenagers to participate in this kind of “Party”?

Me:  Yes of course, why not?.  I believe the input of their knowledge of technology or any other topic is very valuable.  Many young adults are sharing videos on how to ___ through youtube.  I think It’s great that parties like this one are available.  I anticipate that teenagers may at first be intimidated to participate because of the many adult experts, but this is where it’s the hosts duty and other adults to find ways to engage them in a fun, collaborative, and exciting manner so that they feel welcomed and not rejected. To close, both can learn from each other, sometimes a new, fresh perspective on a topic is what is needed to achieve utmost productivity.

A few responses were:

  • “Yes, because it’s a chance to change their perception of learning that can last throughout their whole life. Teenagers are teenagers and may have some dumb moments but I think if they have good security and its organized in a strategic way even teenagers can have a fun and awesome time. Not all teenagers are bad and not all are on the same level so this opens doors to opportunity and great motivation and interest for a better learning experience”.
  • “Sure it’s a good idea, except teenagers can easily drift from the main picture: which is to still be learn from these experiences. (BTW the Little Maker looks really neat)=)”.
  • “I definitely think that this party is the kind of party your parents would want you to grow up in. The problem with this I think is that kids would only be invited when they know someone what about an outkast child. Learning party idea is an awesome idea thought I think. Its great because learning can be structured at the same time I feel that the “party” idea is a very social affair but that only brings social kind of people into these parties. For learning and students who want to learn this is stuff is amazing!”
  • “Of course it’s a good idea, kind of a silly question actually! What I find would be interesting is to foster the hosting of parties by the individuals rather than the organization. Is that happening? How about you? Would you host a ‘party’ around building and creating. That would be a good idea.”

After reading the seven responses, I found everyone agreed with the idea.  Although many did not say why, and I don’t blame you, I did not require further explanation.  It certainly is a inspiring, new, reinvented “PARTY” idea and it should be happening.  The most exciting and interesting part is that this kind of party is one that would be hosted by an individual (as someone mentioned) rather than an organization, so wonderful things can be created because there is no strict agenda to follow.  I myself would like to host one, but I’m still in the process of learning new and exciting things through this course.  In addition I do not know enough people that are computer experts so my party would be a complete failure.

Again thank you, I appreciate your input on this topic.

Infinity plus TED

The responses my blog recieved were interesting rather they displayed much desire for Mr. Schmidt’s TED talk. Commenters have said that he seemed intelligent and that they can agree with his views as well.
For question #1, “Do you think lecturing is effective?” Polls came by stating that lecturing isn’t always 100% effective. It was said by one commenter that lecturing doesnt create spaces for feedback, and I agree.
For question #2, commenters stated for the question, “Do you think it is important for students to relate to the context of what they’re learning?” Feedback reads, that Yes, it is important to establish a connection between students and context. Direct quote from a replier, “it is important for students to be able to relate to the material learned because it gives them a better understand of what is being learned and connects the material to themselves and reality.”
  • Do you think lecturing is effective?
  • Do you think it is important for students to relate to the context of what they’re learning ?
  1. I like him…he has a slight accent but he is very intelligent and the things that he proposes and the solutions about challenges are pretty cool. He is concerned about creating something personal and sharing it with other people. I like the way that he thinks. It is pretty cool.

  2. I dont believe lectures are 100 percent effective because most of them are just speakers who leave no room for feedback. i believe lectures can be effective if they allow for the audience to ask questions pertaining to the information presented but in most cases lectures dont allot for this type of interaction due to the magnitude of audience present. it would be impossible to answer everyone’s question but to answer the question it is not generally effective but it can be if some room for feedback is alloted

    i think it is important for students to relate to the context of what they’re learning because they should be able to implement their acquired knowledge in practical terms. the good old saying practice what you preach…. you can know about something and recite many different variables concerning a particular subject but you should be able to practice this is everyday life to where it is useful to you in the physical form. It is a matter of doing and not just saying and knowing because that is only half of the equation. it is important for students to be able to relate to the material learned because it gives them a better understand of what is being learned and connects the material to themselves and reality.

  3. I like the quotes. Especially the first one. I think teachers like to beat students over the head with the same concepts even if it does not work. Looking forward to your questions. I’m following the instructions and not having any luck getting my questions up -_-

    The idea is to see a brighter future, a brighter you, a brighter them-


    Music for the SOUL=)

Feedback responses from Mel Chua


So I asked the class two important questions about Mel’s video and also response, etc.

So the replies all came together to say the following:

1) How do you feel about hacking?

– Majority of answers include that hacking is different and something that is not known to most students but educators. Results show that hacking is a 50/50 in opinion. Some like the idea, others don’t.

2) Do you feel that hacking could benefit today’s society?

For this question, I made it multiple choice to hear full and honest opinion. It stated that people said no and yes. 3 votes for yes and 2 for no.

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