Not the END of Teaching with Multimedia.

Before the first day of class I thought I knew what technology was, but apparently I was a new duck as malikaaaa =) puts it.

Prior to this class the role of my computer in my life was for

  • Use of Microsoft word (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc) for papers, lab reports, presentations, you name it.
  • Check Yorkmail + Hotmail
  • Online Shopping to spoil the kiddo’s and sometimes spoil myself (big fan of Groupon, Zulily, etc)
  • Checking world news through MSN, AOL, Yahoo, CNN
  •  and lastly watching videos on youtube

Who doesn’t like a bullet list. These are some of the things that I will never neglect and will continue to cultivate throughout my future career.

  • Technology is essential to life as we know it because a variety of sources keeps us informed and uninformed.  I speak only the truth, to some of us its like second nature.  We use it daily, its part of us.
  • Technology is important because now with our new blogs, like mine, melizabethc we can keep others informed, criticize the work of others or speak highly of them too. One good example is Jim Grooms,  Edupunk, and Michael Wesch, “Ed Parkour“.
  • Technology keeps us interconnected so we are able to share information.  For example TEDxNYED, “TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading”
  • Technology, it helps us build tools that support our teaching methods. Like our Maker’s Projects,that will be shown in tomorrow fair and broadcasted live.  In addition Digital Storytelling, Finding Connections, Collaborative drawings, etc.

I’m glad that this experience was not like AC101, which was a little fun, but not as fun as this class.  AC230 has broadened my view and shown me that there are many tools that makes technology unique.  The fact is I have never blogged, utilized photoshop, iMovie, and Garageband.  Now that the course if over I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and information.

Honestly, every single blog that we wrote in response to Prof. Smiths blogs were enlightening.  I never expected to learn so much from this course.

I will continue to blog for the rest of the summer and hopefully the fall ( 🙁 sometimes it gets too hectic for me) nevertheless I will try to blog at least once a week.  Seems like this is not the end of my blogging days.

Thank you fellow classmates, Prof. Smith and AC230.

Best wishes to you all.

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Get Up and Get to Work!!

I honestly believe that in order to make a difference you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone.  You have to constantly remind yourself of your goal and reason for being in the place you are, which in our case are  classrooms.  I beleive that most educators have become content and has hung their hats with what works because they never had a goal or vision or they stopped believing.  My fingers are not enough to count the amount of teachers that I  have seen and come in contact with that are passionless and uninspired, they are there to do their “job” get paid and move on.  Their is no zeal and no expectation to move beyond what they are currently doing.  The video that revealed students Vision of College today is not just happening in college but in every area of education.  We as educators need to stop compromising and start giving our best.  The students deserve the best, not some washed up lesson plan that has been used for 20 years as professor stated, we need to remember why we are educators.  We are supposed to create new experiences that will challenge and stimulate the minds of others.  To be called an educator you need to also educate yourself, this is part of our responsibility as an educator.  It is time to get uncomfortable and creative.  Let’s move forward and make a difference.

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We’re living in a conversation, and its moving fast

Converstaion: Edupunk

Edupunk a term coined by Jim Groom, is described as an approach to teaching and learning practices that result from a do it yourself attitude. The Do it yourself movement is just a re-introduction of old methods. Methods that involved personal involvement and skills, like the upkeep of houses, stitching clothes; maintaining equipment and every other aspect of living. This is very important considering education today, we learn in terms of abstractions rather then fundamentals of life like cooking, building, sewing. What the DIY learning and teaching methods all about is rebuilding that lost entity of our lives. Edupunks based on self-directed learning by which means you learn it yourself. Also known as autodidact. Learning by doing is a method which is contemplative, absorptive.

According to a blog by Nick Desantis, blogging about Jim Grooms edupunk, “These days he avoids the word because he fears people were preoccupied with the label rather than its goals. He uses a new creative outlet instead.” I really believe that the two images Professor Smith posted resembles Grooms transformed perspective. I feel that when edupunk all started it really was about just getting it out there, so he went all out and it was once about him as a part of his movement but now he entirely is for its meaning. In Grooms disengagement with edupunk he wrote his famous Dear Edupunk blog, stating his divorce of the label, which really says it all.

In modern class environments more traditionally controlled venues take place where commercial tools like PowerPoint, even Blackboard are used. These supposedly open learning tools are really based by closed Learning Management Systems. The edupunk movement is an educational reformation where individuals can be the carriers of their own knowledge.

Who says knowledge has to be based on solely theories and formulas? But it can be simply replacing your RAM or hard drive. Knowledge is the key to success. Knowledge is knowing how to fix your tire when your stranded, that’s the key.


Habitual Discomfort in Teaching & Learning

Edupunk as revolt in 2008.

We started the semester by listening to Jim Groom’s TEDxNYED talk, The Educational Apopcalypse which inspired the URL for our summer course site. But there’s a little more about Jim Groom to talk about (ok that’s an understatement) when thinking about educational technology. Back in 2008 he coined the term “Edupunk” which as a movement burned brightly then subsequently faded due to it being co-opted, and now more likely transformed.

Then transformed into a community in 2012.

The two photos above are both of Jim Groom. In 2008 the edupunk image is one in which he shows his face with an attitude and positions his fists which if launched forward would hit you smack in the face. I think the photo speaks to the provocation he hurled onto higher education – compelling an enduring conversation about technology’s role in education and the value of education itself.

The second photo from 2012 with “DS106 4LIFE” doesn’t include his face, and the fists  don’t face you directly, more presented to you to show their change with time. This is a Jim Groom that wants you see the community not him. Don’t belie this new look as softer though (those are fists still) and the fiery passion for transforming education.

What I find most compelling about the story of edupunk and Jim Groom is that he never allowed himself to become comfortable. You could say his star rose with the early debates about edupunk, but he never hung his hat on the movement (though he likely could have). To have done so wouldn’t have been very ‘punk’ and though someone else set-up shop around the term without even acknowledging his part, he doesn’t really care to grouse.

This attitude got me thinking about what I always remember hearing from other instructors about teaching, “the first year is always the hardest.” And after that, you sort out your curriculum, your style of teaching and then you can practically coast. You have your lesson plans, your notes, and all the history of the preceding years to lean on. Which actually in a lot of ways is true. YOU DO LEARN A LOT in your first few years of teaching.  And you could hang your hat on those years, stay comfortable and make a career out of those initial years. You could never change…

That’s what we’re practically taught as instructors, find what works and don’t deviate. But what happens when things change, as education is now being impacted by the internet and communication? Honestly not much! Classrooms didn’t suddenly radically change (revisit Michael Wesch’s video for a reminder), they’re basically the same. Because most educators have hung their hats on ‘something that works.’

So I invite you to imagine what it might be like to stay uncomfortable with your teaching, to recognize you need to continue to work on reinventing your educational-a-game. That the hard work will never stop and shouldn’t ever stop it just transforms – that’s edupunk.

In a blog post reflect on these ideas and the links above and see where they and your journey through articles, blog posts, videos, images, etc. takes you. Please quote, embed, and/or link to as many of the pieces you find that strike you. Also you can read Jim Groom and Brian Lamb’s article Nevermind the Edupunks; or, The Great Web 2.0 Swindle in which they reflect on edupunk two years after it’s inception.