using technology as a tool for teaching

applying technology in todays classrooms is a must for every teacher. today’s crop of students use computers and smartphones, iPods, iPads etc.. on a daily bases and almost everyone of them knows how to use them. by having our students use a website like ds106 you will be opening a space where they can share ideas and engage their creativity for an educational purpose. my idea of a lesson plan (digital storytelling) would be to first of all learn how to make a blog where my students would post up their work. then have different fun assignments that deal with what we have learned in class. since i am majoring in Spanish and plan to teach Spanish in k-12, i would have them post up a video where my students would pair up with each other in groups of three and create a video using Spanish verbs, or verbs they learned that week. the students can be as creative as they want but always keeping in mind its an educational video too. below is an example of what it might look like. I picked this video because it has non native Spanish speakers, representing the diverse student body one can expect in a classroom. enjoy the video its quite funny!


lotto keno

New Way of Life aka Education


Hey as I was doing the Ds106 assignment I was wondering how i would apply such tools and assignments in my classroom.  After i did the Montage assignment I realized that things would be an awesome idea to implement in a highschool environment seeing that i am an English major I would have the class read a certain play, novel or short story and ask them to respond to it using a montage. Through this montage I want them to expalin their favorite quote or part of what they read.  This will be fun and allow them to be engaged and excited about homework or applications which is what one of my professors called it to make it sound less boring and demanding to students. There is so much I can do using Digital storytelling.  I was also thinking how to explain theme using a montage and how frequently it has to constantly appear in order for it to be a solid theme.  I also thought about how i could use sound cloud to explain tone and the effects of tone in both when reading a play or novel and the significance of it.  This is a video of my response after I have read the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  This is an example of what my students would do, the objective is to assess and understand reading comprehension and to have fun!!, hope you enjoy it 🙂


Educational networking connection

I started searching aimlessly on Google  for a way to begin connecting with people who are concerned with education, more specifically with new ideas on how to teach and connect with students so that they learn in a different way and actually helps them in their future. I remembered the Ted talk video and how it related to education, so i visited and YouTube in search for a blogger or speaker on education. I came across a video by Charles Leadbeater and how his search for radical new forms of education led him to third world countries where education isn’t the best around but try to reinvent school in a way that connects their youth who countless times turn to crime for a solution to their problems. the video is roughly 19 minutes long, but worth watching. One thing that interested me was the connection between education here in the states and education in developing countries, and that connection is that we can learn from these countries and implement their radical view on education and make changes here at home. As well as how technology plays a big role in future teaching.


Elephant in the Room

I always wondered as a teacher how I would deal with bullying in my classroom,  first I was in denial and i said that I would put rules up and try to make a comfortable and respectful environment where everyone will love and respect each other.  This can happen but at the same time kids are kids no matter what age.  Also what if this pretty happy world i want to create does not happen because there is always one student that refuses to follow instructions and what about outside the classroom?  These are all questions that are still not clearly answered.  As I’m getting closer and closer to my time to become a future educator I am realizing that there is an elephant in the room.  I read this blog Bullying We Ignore by Caltha Crowe.  This blog gave me something to think about.  This solution is one that is not common due to  the constant instances of bullying in schools.  Crowe states that if we as teachers stop ignoring the bad comments students say to one another and react with “A firm and respectful statement, “That’s not kind,” is enough if we use it quickly.”  I definitely agree and will use this advice in and outside my classroom, whether they are students in my class or not.  It’s the little things that matter and make a difference.  No more elephants in my room, I am setting this animal free because now I know one way of approaching this issue.  I also learned that ignoring such nasty comments  will only make the situation worst. I was bullied and made fun of in my 8th grade math class and my teacher never said a word.  He sat in his chair as if nothing was wrong.  I refuse to be that type of teacher and I will the advice from this blog to make a difference.  This is why I chose this blog, it makes a difference which reveals the definition and goal of our title as educators.


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educational blog finding

searching for various educational blogs which will give me ideas in helping me become a better teacher i came across a blog which i thought was interesting. i came across

More Focus on Psychological Impact of Digital Media?

by Ian Quillen which it debated whether or not the incorporation of technology helps or hinders children ‘s learning process. An examined study of technology usage with young children shows obsession through the course of  the years and learning process.  Another experience from Paul Barnwell suggest that educational technology has overstimulated and distracted students. As a prospective teacher I would incorporate the technology in moderation in the classroom setting that way i wouldn’t always be dependent on it and i can give students a mental break from consuming their minds with the technology.

The focus as a teacher is to draw that distinction between using the technology to teach and for cognitive learning and adverse over consumption with the use of the technology.a blogger by the name of wilfredomorell suggest as a techer it is not the technology itself which affect students mental health but the content which leads to the adverse affect which is the video games and other noneducational endeavors associated with the technology.As a teacher it is up to me to monitor the content which takes place within my class so that is something i have to be mindful of what technology students are using .

I was interested in this piece because it critically examined technology and how it incorporated into education. It gave insight on what lead to adverse affects in students learning and cognitive function in over consumption, overstimulation and the negatives of overexposure to video games. This will help me with getting my connection with peers because based on those experience i can give feedback to whether their experiences are the same as mine and what improvements can be made if those experiences encountered can be improved.

My vision of College: Evolving with the world

We need to find ways to reach students in a way they understand! We need to understand what they are in tune with!

The video that I watched was extremely interesting with some facts and statistics that I have not thought about before.  College means different things for every individual.  Some people find it interesting, some attend because family members want them to, others because they really want to, others feel college is boring; college should never be boring.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is. Sometimes it can be boring because the way the information is being delivered is boring.  Students’ attention has to be captured in a way that resembles the world we live in; technology resembles the world we live in.

College needs to prepare us for the jobs that we will one day fulfull, not what is currenty available.  What is curently available might not be once we graduate.  Therefore, our education needs to modified in a way that fits the world we have grown up with, and a world we will see 5-10 years down the road.  Education needs to evolve as our technological world is advancing.  So far in my experience as an undergraduate, I wish I would have had, and would have more hands-on experiences relating to what I will be doing in the near future.  I am a Bilingual  Childhood education major and I wish we would have certain things at York College that we will see in our future jobs.  For example, many public schools across the city have Smart Boards and Elmos. We should have an interactive classroom that has things that we will see in the schools.  Same goes for any other major.  College should be a real experience for what awaits us! What awaits us is being able to use technology to maneuver around this busy world of ours!

Why should we have to look things up at home? Lets do things together; in the classroom!