Experiments with the heater wonder

Created another portable heater but also imporved a lot of it. These are just small experiments before the final cut with EIrby that will be posted tonight!

The process in making this is now becoming a load simpler because we are mastering it slowly. We readjusted more things, bought a better hole puncher, thought to make the heating space larger and went green for cut numero dos.

The video will show you how we experimented with our new and improved portable heater: Made by EIrby & ReyAwesome


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Digital Storytelling K-12

As a future physical educator I would create a digital assignment where students would be able to illustrate their vision or philosphy of success in sports.

To clarify, the goal is for students, using still images and/or video clips, to demonstrate what their perception of success within sports is.  They can refer to commercials such as Nike or Gatorade or billboards.

The assignment is to have students reflect on their own concept of success and what their perspective is to reach that goal (the means to the end).  For example, success may be a runner helping a fellow athlete cross the finish line, even if it means losing the race.  It can also mean a watching a clip or clips of people waking up each day before school to practice their sport.

Hope you enjoy my sample illustration below.


“What Do People Think…. About Teens?

The storytelling assignment that I would use in my future classroom would be themed around “Turning a Negative into a Positive”. I came up with this idea when browsing through the design assignments on the ds106 website and I came across the “What People Think I Do” meme. It consisted of different images of sterotypes of what people thought about college students and the final frame represents the actual person.

The objective of this assigment would be to teach my future students about various sterotypes and how they can change a negative sterotype into a possible positive one. This will also teach them that a picture can be worth a 1000 words when different people give their opinions. I also created a meme myself of “What People Think of Teenagers”. I really enjoyed this design assignment and look forward to doing this with my future students.

Neighborhood Learning Alliance | Spotlight

My English has gozen bezer over ze years

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/49631572″ iframe=”true” /]

The level of difficulty is without a doubt a two star. I did not know where to begin at first, but then remembered that my computer had “Garage Band“. I opened it for the first time since I bought my notebook back in 2010.  Wow I know. Technology is amazing. The most difficult part was saving it into AAC.  At first I thought I would just save it as AAC when “Save As” was clicked, but sadly that was not the case.  I had to click on “Share” and then click on “Send song to itunes” where it would automatically save it as AAC version. The less difficult part was adding my audio to Sound Cloud and then posting it.

This being said I recorded myself speaking English with a Russian accent by inspiration of DS106, May I take your order? audio project.  While recording this clip, I thought about my father and his german,  russian, polish, uruguayan, argentinian accents. He’s such a character.  Over the years I have found to be doing the same when I read to my son. It’s crazy how unknowingly educators also change their voice when reading to young children.  It grabs their attention, makes them giggle, makes it fun.

slide guy on alien egg sack

here’s my first photoshop picture, from the ds106 assignment blog. i used adobe photoshop and watched a video tutorial on how to do it. it was a simple task once you view someone else do it. i decided to put slide guy on the alien queen’s egg sack thingy from the film Aliens because it’s funny looking and gross! and one of those scenes that grossed me out when i was a kid.

Video Assignment – Last Friday Night Montage

So upon doing the video assignment from ds106 I hit a few bumps in the road trying to make sure the visual matched the audio as close as possible. Despite all else I did enjoy using my creative mind to do this assignment. I decide to do the assignment “Make a Montage”, where I had to take clips that matched what Katy Perry was signing about in her song “Last Friday Night”. I worked diligently on this and hope that you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Please click the link below:


As a future educator assignments such as this one, my students can   their favorite TV shows or songs into their own Montage of funny clips of themselves and friends.


100+ Possibilities for Digital Storytelling in the K-12 Classroom

100 Possibilitiescc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by elycefeliz

How you might you create a DS106 styled assignment that fulfills a K-12 learning objective? Consider how storytelling can be used to support student learning.

You’ve dabbled with a couple ds106 assignments, now it’s time to create your own but with a twist. I want you to create assignments that fulfill a K12 lesson objective.

So in a blog post describe and complete two assignments:

  1. One assignment that would fit in either the visual or design category.
  2. A assignment that would fit in either the audio or video category.
For each one, you must describe the assignment, describe the K12 learning objective, and illustrate the assignment with an example.
Be sure to describe your process for completing the assignment you’ve made and reflect on how you think your K12 students would respond to it. Also reflect on how you might modify the assignment for different lessons. And describe how you might have students create/modify assignments as well.

My Sister’s A Ghost?!

The visual project I decided to do was Is That A….Ghost?!

I was really excited about this project, and recruited my little sister to model. She had way too much fun with it, and she inspired me to take this project one step further. I knew I could make a still of a “ghost;” I wasn’t sure if I could make a gif of a ghost. I decided to try something different.

This was really fun, but a bit more work than I expected. I took my favorite picture of my sister, and cropped out the background on photoshop. I added a clear layer on top of that and painted a semi-translucent layer of green to give her a “ghostly feel.” Adding another clear layer I outline her in green and put that layer behind her. Now that she was emitting a ghastly green glow, I flattened the three layers to one.

Then I had to get the ghost to float. I added the gif background, which was a picture of my living room. I still wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to pull this off; I did know I needed multiple background layers and multiple ghost layers, so I made duplicates of both. I hid all the layers except for one background layer and one  ghost layer. I figured I should start with where I wanted the ghost to end up. Then I made another ghost layer visible, and moved the ghost a “head” lower than the one before. I did that until I had about eight ghost going lower and lower.  I made a top layer that had a line that approximated where I wanted the ghost to start to appear from the floor. I used that as a guide to erase the excess. When that was done I moved the layers into the proper order.   Next I changed all the ghost layers to 55% opacity. This created the transparent ghost effect. I still thought it needed something else so I added a darker green around the area where the ghost was rising through the floor. After deciding I liked the final product I merged each ghost layer to a background layer. Then I added a plain background layer to the beginning of the gif and a background layer with just a dark green line where the ghost will start to rise. I adjusted the size then saved it for web devices as a gif.


Call Me, Maybe?

I decided to try the Over-Dramatic Reading. The idea is to take a piece of literature, (a movie scene, song, book, poem, etc) and record a dramatic reading of it. I chose Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me, Maybe.”

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”]http://soundcloud.com/talliemarks/call-me-maybe[/soundcloud]

This project definitely reminded me how tone can affect the feel and meaning of words, and how differently different people can process the same information. While, not directly applicable to a math classroom, it is a good lesson to keep it mind when teaching multiple people. I also think it would be a great project for English or Social Studies; it would be fun a project that would highlight the differences between intention versus what is actually said.

Dance With Me


I can honestly say that i have underestimated this video assignment on DS106 but i am proud to say that i enjoyed it. I finally learned how to  make videos and how to use Movie maker to do it.  This will not be the last time I will do something like this.  This is definitely a good skill to learn. Hope you can enjoy it i tried my best. I named this Montage Dance.

By the way i contested this video and it was permitted



This is the new Montage that i have posted and it is emphasized on dance, this assignment allowed me to tell a story through video and this is a great tool for the classroom because it is a way to connect with this current generation. This tool will allow students to be engaged and motivated in learning.  Students will be excited to enhance their academics not only because its something they can relate with but also because its fun.  The first video is the one that was taken down and the second one was able to go through, if you want to comment on the difference feel free to compare and contrast