Things we would miss out on if individuals didn’t create and invent wonderful tools.

I was inspired by Prof. Smith to share a few cell samples from a previous biology course I took, hope you enjoy. I think they are real pieces of art work.

Mammal Adipose Tissue [400x]

Cell containing lipids (fat cells) in this figure have been stained with Sudan III dye. As we can observe adipose tissues indicate how lipids accumulate in cells.  In red is droplet containing lipid.


Potato Tuber Starch Grains [1000x oil ]

Plant tissue stores starch (polysaccharides) within the cytoplasm in the forms of granules. These cells have been stained with Periodic acid-Schiff stain this results in pink/purple stained starch. We observed some cells contain more than a few granules. Cell membrane is stained green.


Mammal colon goblet cells, mucous sec mc & h [100x]

The lining cells of the nose and other mucus secreting locations have compounds called mucopolysaccharide, which are glycoproteins. Mucopolysacharides in this figure are observed by the color red because it has been stained with Periodic acid-Schiff.