Elephant in the Room

I always wondered as a teacher how I would deal with bullying in my classroom,  first I was in denial and i said that I would put rules up and try to make a comfortable and respectful environment where everyone will love and respect each other.  This can happen but at the same time kids are kids no matter what age.  Also what if this pretty happy world i want to create does not happen because there is always one student that refuses to follow instructions and what about outside the classroom?  These are all questions that are still not clearly answered.  As I’m getting closer and closer to my time to become a future educator I am realizing that there is an elephant in the room.  I read this blog Bullying We Ignore by Caltha Crowe.  This blog gave me something to think about.  This solution is one that is not common due to  the constant instances of bullying in schools.  Crowe states that if we as teachers stop ignoring the bad comments students say to one another and react with “A firm and respectful statement, “That’s not kind,” is enough if we use it quickly.”  I definitely agree and will use this advice in and outside my classroom, whether they are students in my class or not.  It’s the little things that matter and make a difference.  No more elephants in my room, I am setting this animal free because now I know one way of approaching this issue.  I also learned that ignoring such nasty comments  will only make the situation worst. I was bullied and made fun of in my 8th grade math class and my teacher never said a word.  He sat in his chair as if nothing was wrong.  I refuse to be that type of teacher and I will the advice from this blog to make a difference.  This is why I chose this blog, it makes a difference which reveals the definition and goal of our title as educators.


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