Budget Cuts to critical after-school programs in NYC! WHO’S IDEA? BLOOMBERGS OF COURSE!

The proposed budget cuts by mayor Bloomberg to after-school programs across NYC is one that will become an educational and economical crisis to say the least.  More than 56,000 children will be left without a spot in an educationally enriched after-school program that they were once a part of.  Many low and middle income working parents rely on these after-school programs, and will have to quit their job in order to take care of their children.  How can this be any good for future of the children and the economy of the city?  In the article “Curtailing a Service That Parents Depend On”, it is stated that from 454 educational after-program sites currently open, that will be reduced to 261 sites across the city.  Now really, how is that benefiting the city? Perhaps I will be quite critical of the proposed ideas (usually I don’t pay much attention to politics and the economy but as a future educator and parent, I feel this is totally wrong), but for politicians and society constantly saying that the economy is in a downward spiral, well, this certainly adds to to that downward spiral.  Think about it for a minute, tons of children across the City losing  access to after-school programs which help them with their homework and keeps them of the dangerous city streets while their parents are at work; will result in parents having to lose their job, then being supported by government assistance, and in the end, they will not be able to contribute as a taxpayer which in turn will lead to other cuts in the budget.  Okay, this by now, should sound like a crisis.  It most certainly is, however, it may not be as  bad as it has been made out to be.  Hopefully the proposed cuts are just one of those in which “the city council comes to the rescue by restoring at least some of the money”.

Students practicing yoga postures during an after-school program at Public School 24 in Brooklyn.

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