Not the END of Teaching with Multimedia.

Before the first day of class I thought I knew what technology was, but apparently I was a new duck as malikaaaa =) puts it.

Prior to this class the role of my computer in my life was for

  • Use of Microsoft word (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc) for papers, lab reports, presentations, you name it.
  • Check Yorkmail + Hotmail
  • Online Shopping to spoil the kiddo’s and sometimes spoil myself (big fan of Groupon, Zulily, etc)
  • Checking world news through MSN, AOL, Yahoo, CNN
  •  and lastly watching videos on youtube

Who doesn’t like a bullet list. These are some of the things that I will never neglect and will continue to cultivate throughout my future career.

  • Technology is essential to life as we know it because a variety of sources keeps us informed and uninformed.  I speak only the truth, to some of us its like second nature.  We use it daily, its part of us.
  • Technology is important because now with our new blogs, like mine, melizabethc we can keep others informed, criticize the work of others or speak highly of them too. One good example is Jim Grooms,  Edupunk, and Michael Wesch, “Ed Parkour“.
  • Technology keeps us interconnected so we are able to share information.  For example TEDxNYED, “TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading”
  • Technology, it helps us build tools that support our teaching methods. Like our Maker’s Projects,that will be shown in tomorrow fair and broadcasted live.  In addition Digital Storytelling, Finding Connections, Collaborative drawings, etc.

I’m glad that this experience was not like AC101, which was a little fun, but not as fun as this class.  AC230 has broadened my view and shown me that there are many tools that makes technology unique.  The fact is I have never blogged, utilized photoshop, iMovie, and Garageband.  Now that the course if over I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and information.

Honestly, every single blog that we wrote in response to Prof. Smiths blogs were enlightening.  I never expected to learn so much from this course.

I will continue to blog for the rest of the summer and hopefully the fall ( 🙁 sometimes it gets too hectic for me) nevertheless I will try to blog at least once a week.  Seems like this is not the end of my blogging days.

Thank you fellow classmates, Prof. Smith and AC230.

Best wishes to you all.

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The end of the road…or just the beginning?

When I fiirst signed up for this class I thought we would be learning about how to use a smartboard and projector etc. Thank god it was something completely different than what I originally thought. Little did I know that I would learn essential aspects which would help me better communicate with my future students using the internet and various other technological aspects as a medium.  I can honestly say that the $500 I spent on this class was worth it. The reason being that I have learned things that I can apply in teaching pedagogy but also in my own personal life–not many courses can do that.

We all know that communication is the most vital in teaching and this course showed us many ways to communicate an idea with peers and or future students. This by far is the most important aspect I appreciated in the course. I cannot think of something being of least importance, everything we learned seemed to have some practical use. FInally, I got more out of this class than I originally intended I would get. I mean, we have a fair tomorrow as a final…how awesome is that?!! lol

Some how and some way this class was entertaining and informative and many other things. Here is the link to my blog. Lets keep on keeping on!!

The Final Round To A Great Class in AC230!

As students we all take classes because it’s part of the core requirements or because in any shape or form we need the credits to fulfill. As I looked at the name of the class Teaching with Multimedia, I must say I had my own idea of what the class would be like. I had this notion or idea that we would be creating PowerPoint slides or learning how to familiarize ourselves with some technological items currently being used in classrooms today such as Smart Boards or online gradebooks. I also thought it would probably familiarize us with new applications for teaching techniques or teaching us how to utilize the web as a resource.  To my surprise, I wasn’t even close. This class during the 4 short weeks has opened my mind to taking on my new career in a completely different angle. Its help me think outside the box as well as express my views, my philosophy and simply believe that it all starts with your own approach. We all need to make something and work with what we have. Its about being creative and taking action of your next step. As professor Smith mentioned to us in class, its very simple for one to coast and become complacent, but we need to challenge ourselves to not only keep our creative juices flowing, but to pass that along to our future students. As future educators we may not be able to change the world, rather you can set a different twist and angle and as learned in this course, blog about it, make connections and be heard.

The videos we were assigned to watch, the Ted Talks we were asked to analyze and all other videos watched throughout the four weeks certainly had one common theme; the reinvention of education.  Technology is part of everyone’s daily life and as teachers it is crucial that students understand how to use it not only for the purposes of learning from it but learning by creating forums that create learning spaces for their own knowledge.

“We are entering the new age of education that is programmed for discovery rather than education”

I did not have anything from the course that I found not to be useful nor interesting given that I learned so much and gained more than I anticipated based on my description above on what I thought this class would be about.  One major thing that I learned is that is just if not more important to learn by doing, than to learn by watching and that is what I expect to take to my future students.

Cheers to a great class! Have a great summer everyone!





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makers project finished product!

Ok so here is my makers project video in which i go over the steps for the Styrofoam air conditioner i made. I can’t wait to show it off at the fair tomorrow, and hopefully you’ll want to make one yourself.


1. Styrofoam cooler: about $3

2. ventilation fan: $15 from home depot

3. Recycled water bottles:keep frozen

4. an old or used 3 power cable: (example; old laptop charger)

5. wired knots, a box cutter, a screw driver, and black electric tape


Attention Class!

For the maker faire, I will be providing the class with metal sheet, tea lights, and matches, but if you wish to make yourself a portable heater, you totally need to bring an altoids container or any metal container of your own! 

It is encouraged you go home with one of these awesome gadgets, you can utilize them practically anywhere!

  • Camp
  • Hiking Trip
  • Home
  • Bus Stop

YOU NAME IT, the fun is in the making!


Experiments with the heater wonder

Created another portable heater but also imporved a lot of it. These are just small experiments before the final cut with EIrby that will be posted tonight!

The process in making this is now becoming a load simpler because we are mastering it slowly. We readjusted more things, bought a better hole puncher, thought to make the heating space larger and went green for cut numero dos.

The video will show you how we experimented with our new and improved portable heater: Made by EIrby & ReyAwesome


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AC 230 final reflection

When i started AC230 i thought it was going to be the typical learn different software and programs on the computer which i won’t use after the class and isn’t ideal for everyday life. When i took AC 101 i learned different software and hardware on the computers which is good but is not really practical because it is not something i need to necessarily know on my job and if it is i can google it on the computer.


Fortunately and contrary to AC101, AC230 was a breathe of fresh air to what i can actually use on my everyday walk of life to advance myself and become better at my profession. AC230 uses social sites and blogging to stay connected to what current in your field and how to stay relevant and innovative in your field. Who wants to be the old teacher who can’t relate to what the students are going through because over the years they have disconnected with whats relevant in the field.As a teacher you want to know how to present information and teach to the newer generations and what is the newest effective way to keep students interest so they can use the information in their lives in practical situations.


AC 230 has taught be to sum it all up keep reinventing my self in my prospective career path as a teacher, to stay motivated and connected via professional blogs which can help expand my ideas and receive feedback from other professionals which will help me improve where i am weak at. This is relevant for all times because i can apply this to anything i do in life because we all want to be the best at what we do and with help and feedback there is always room to grow and evolve with the changing times. Professor Smith i believe is very cool and he is one of many people who will help change the world.


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A New Awakening

Truly I can’t  find the words to describe my new found excitement for technology and how it can be used in the classroom.  I feel a sense of liberation and freedom because all this time I was trying to figure out how to make my future classroom more exciting and innovative without technology because I am not that experinced and bright when it comes to new media, but that has all changed.   Instead of avoiding the constantly evolving technology in my classroom I have chosen to embrace it.  I have chosen to get a hold of this Bag of Gold as Gardner Campbell mentioned.  This class has truly taught me a lesson that ignorance is a bliss, because I was one of those who agreed to an extent with teachers who were complaiig about learning new media to enhance their teaching and students.  After taking this class I will tell them that if they do not include these new medias in their classroom they are starving their students and are becoming a hipocrite because we are educators its our job to learn but yet we are refusing to learn and keeping the title as educator, dont that sound strange.  Well to me it does and I am glad I took this class especially with the professor I have. He was down to earth and he did not spoon feed us every  single detail but he made us learn it on our own to make sure it leaves an impression and lasts.  I love the way that this course gave me an excitement to become an educator.  I also love how this class created oppurtunities for creativity and new experiences.  I will definitley cherish, value and use mostly everything I learned in this class,especially the new Blog I created. I can only say Future class look forward to a new exciting and ground breaking experience in your education, thanks to all and I know this is not the end to my new passion for learning and experiencing new media, Thanks Professor, Whoo!! 🙂

The Reinvention of yourself


Reinventing yourself in education is a difficult task because you have to realize that you need to improve then you have to care about your craft and care for those whose material you are given. you have to care more about people then you care about just collecting a check and meeting the status quo.


Hard work ,sacrifice, and to chase a dream helps with reinventing your self as a teacher and you will leave a lasting impact and legacy as a teacher with your students even if your work goes unrecognized by your employer and fellow staff members.


As a teacher

As part of a teacher job to stay motivated in teaching their students is motivating themselves to present the information to the students in a way which you have been teaching it. This change may take place because of the changing times and how the children absorb the information. We live in a day and era where technology is more prevalent than ever so a teacher has to challenge his or herself to come up with a way different from how they are used to in order to deliver the knowledge . This is a tough task but times is always changing so why not the teachers them selves. Teachers get complacent with teaching the curriculum how they have been teaching the subject mater for years and you may see some growth within those first couple of years but taper off because the disconnect between how you deliver the knowledge of your subject matter and the younger generations who you have to present the subject matter to.


keep yourself as a teacher current with the times which means you are not just a teacher but a student as well because you are constantly learning also.

how badly do you want success as a teacher, is it satisfying and success in just knowing that you have delivered the same material for so long the same way or struggled to find new way to teach and keep children connected with the material…keep the hunger from within to always reinvent yourself and strive for success.

My final thoughts on AC230 and blogging

Here is my Blog.

This is how I thought I would end up feeling before I ever started AC230, by just knowing it was “some computer class like 4 hours long in the summer”:

This is how I feel now, to say (express) the least:

Before I started the class, I really thought that it was going to be some boring computer class that would either try to teach me things that I already knew, or things that I would never use again.  I was totally wrong. I will really say that the things I have learned in this class has actually had more of an impression on me than many other classes I have had (yes a bit sad in a way, I know).  This is the first time I have actually blogged and used any type of photo editing, photoshop, youtube video making programs.  I wasn’t even thinking I would use any of that any time soon and less in this class.  Again, I was wrong; but it’s good to be wrong sometimes.  I love the way Professor Smith went about creating ideas for our posts and providing some info/guidelines for us to do so.  There were a couple of times where I did’t know how to use a certain program, but I had fun playing with it and worked my way around things and got it done! What was even more neat, was that I was kind of waiting eagerly to see what the next post woule be about.  I also enjoyed commenting on everyones posts and seeing how much feedback I was getting on mines.  I was checking my email more than the 3 or 4x’s daily I was already used to doing.  It’s great to be able to have a network of people that can share similar interersts, or even of they don’t, they can contribute new ideas and give feedback on something that you’re working on.  I can go on forever about how much I have really enjoyed this class and doing all the things we have done…

I have gotten a lot more than expected from this class.  I have realized by taking this class, that there is a lot more than just going out there in the classrooms and just talking, talking, talking. There’s endless things that one can do and teachers can learn as they go along.  Learning is a process for everyone, it’s endless, a continuous circle that widens as one continues to transform his/herself.  Transformation, adjustments, contributions and change are things that will help one help others. One can never be “Comfortable” once you become “comfortable” as an educator, then the rest is history.

Thanks to professor Smith, my fellow classmates and all the feedback, ideas, and comments, I am now more “comfortable” with knowing that I will need to be “uncomfortable” as a future teacher and in order to reach all the goals I have set up to reach=)

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