Course Schedule

06/04, Monday F2F, Sign-up for the aPOPcalypseBattle the Apocalypse with aPOPcalypse!,

06/05, Tuesday Online,Your Vision of College Today

06/06, Wednesday F2F, Serendipitous Teaching and Learning

06/07, Thursday Online,

06/11, Monday F2F, Be A Maker, and Professor Smith’s plan to build a microscope

06/12, Tuesday Online, Digital Storytelling in the Classroom

06/13, Wednesday F2F, Digital Storytelling in K-12.

06/14 Thursday Online, Collaborative Presentation

06/18, Monday F2F (12-2PM), How you Made your tool video, Igniting Conversation About the Future of Education

06/19, Tuesday Online, Survey Summary

06/20, Wednesday F2F 10AM-2PM, Habitual Discomfort in Teaching and Learning

06/21, Thursday Online

06/25, Monday F2F, What’s Next After This Class?

06/27 Maker Faire!

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