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Hey everyone I was having too much fun using the meme generator site and made two memes you may enjoy  Check it out =):

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My Vision of College: The Future in Trouble!

The way I see it, I get up in the morning like that singer Kesha feeling like P-Diddy. HAHA. No but I really do get up in the morning knowing that I have class and wanting to know whats the spark and what I really am going to school for. I know deep down I am attending college because, I have always wanted to fulfill my goal of becoming a teacher. I love kids and I know this is what I want to do. However because of the YORK COLLEGE school policy, I have to have a double major and take that along with my Early Childhood Education major. I feel trapped despite the fact that I finished all the General Education Requirements but I do feel like I’m enclosed with a fish bowl and I’m suffocating in the water despite that being my natural habitat. I look at others and their reactions to what they feel college is really like. Some people don’t even come here because they want to but because they are being forced to. I really think that there needs to be some type of want and need to be here. Secondly, I’m sick of going to classes where the professors don’t have a care in the world if they actually make sense while they are giving their lectures. Some kids go to college because they think that by moving away and going to the dorms and living the life and drinking and doing 4/20 all the time that this is the way to go. Well everyone has their own motives as to why they are truly here.


Now I ask myself what I want from this experience and where I want to be in the future. I really want school to be some type of safe haven where more experiences and more programs are established. It’s so important. I want college to be the place you graduate from and actually get a decent job in the future. I want college to be all and more even though I’m dreaming. I want it to be a place of education but a place where you can be involved in helping each other. This will happen one day.


Below is the truth: I can feel that you will agree with me.







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My Vision of College Today: The Need for an Evolution

Watching the video by Michael Welsh, gives the harsh reality of how students feel about sitting through a traditional lecture in college. Most professors tend to get up there and talk for 2-3 hours straight without any breaks. They expect most students to copy what their saying word for word, or others read directly from the textbook.

Returning back to school after a 8 year break, I was expecting that the style of teaching would have evolved since then but to no avail its pretty much the same. In the article, “The Evolution of American Higher Education”, by James M. Danko, the author also discusses the need for change with the way colleges and universities are teaching students. Students of today are more creative and inventive and colleges would need to be the same in order to attract students that are already worried about their investment in their eduaction due to the struggling economy.

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My Vision of College in 2012

First and foremost thumbs up on an excellent video Professor Smith. Love the soundtrack!

Now getting back to business on the topic, my perspective on college today focuses on whether or not college gets all students to reach their desired goal.

The reality is that all colleges are a business and it’s in their best interest to produce and generate as much capital gain to be able to run their institution while maintaining an image for their organization and protecting their reputation.

Do they work in the interest of their customers (students)? Having worked in Corporate America directly from high school for a total of 18 years, every business thrives on volume, sales and the bottom line dollar. So to answer the question, most if not all universities unfortunately do not have their customers as a top priority for the right reasons.

It’s the job of the student to make the best of their college experience and their investment. I can agree that the curriculum may not prepare you for what is out in the real world, but we as students must have to do our due diligence outside of classroom.

For the past 3 years the job market has been very dreary post the banking financial crisis. In recent months the media reports on the unemployment rates have been slightly optimistic, but who is hiring these college graduates. Networking, networking, networking, networking I believe is the key ingredient. It’s unfortunate, but we live in a world that whether you have a degree from a CUNY school or an Ivy League, the bottom line is that you will get the desired job if you have some form of contact. It is rare in this day and age where organizations have piles of resume that they will select your resume and call based on what they see, but they will call if that resume was handed to them personally. It’s all who you know today.






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College: Cruel Reality and Wild Imagination

Where to start? College are considered facilities for “higher education” and it is supposed to prepare you for the “real world” and all the misery of being an adult that comes with it (I will become more positive as the post continues lol). However, my personal experience with College has been decent. I probably do not fully appreciate the experience yet since I just finished paying $500 for a summer course and have yet to graduate. Or maybe because I did not get the “full experience” of going away and being in a dorm or frat like a lot of my friends have done. Well here I am, in a 4 year CUNY school which has a horrible reputation for a college (deserved or undeserved). It is my reality. However, I live by the words a professor told me: it is not where you get your degree, it is what you do with it. I think that helps me go through my remaining college days with optimism.

I learned a long time ago that If you want to become educated you have to be willing to give it your all, physically, mentally, and definitely monetarily speaking. I was excited to enter college my freshman year believing it would be an experience like no other, and it has been–not for all the right reasons though.

The video illustrates the typical college lecture hall. Every time I see a lecture hall I envision robots being programmed. I often feel that I myself am a robot being programmed in order to serve the human race. I am constantly fed information which I am told is “useful”. I am paying for these services so for my sanity I must psychologically  accept that whatever a professor is telling must be prophecy and correct. Hence, the robot is born.

Oh The Humanity!!!

I believe that the purpose of college is to create individuals suited to serve societies needs. While that is all fine and dandy I believe that our creativity is being lost because we must fulfill bullshit requirements which hinders our ability to focus on we what love to do (usually our major).

Here comes the optimism–while all seems rather bleak, I believe that we (future educators) can turn the ugly into good. We need to be progressive thinkers and not try to uphold the status quo.

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My vision of College: Evolving with the world

We need to find ways to reach students in a way they understand! We need to understand what they are in tune with!

The video that I watched was extremely interesting with some facts and statistics that I have not thought about before.  College means different things for every individual.  Some people find it interesting, some attend because family members want them to, others because they really want to, others feel college is boring; college should never be boring.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is. Sometimes it can be boring because the way the information is being delivered is boring.  Students’ attention has to be captured in a way that resembles the world we live in; technology resembles the world we live in.

College needs to prepare us for the jobs that we will one day fulfull, not what is currenty available.  What is curently available might not be once we graduate.  Therefore, our education needs to modified in a way that fits the world we have grown up with, and a world we will see 5-10 years down the road.  Education needs to evolve as our technological world is advancing.  So far in my experience as an undergraduate, I wish I would have had, and would have more hands-on experiences relating to what I will be doing in the near future.  I am a Bilingual  Childhood education major and I wish we would have certain things at York College that we will see in our future jobs.  For example, many public schools across the city have Smart Boards and Elmos. We should have an interactive classroom that has things that we will see in the schools.  Same goes for any other major.  College should be a real experience for what awaits us! What awaits us is being able to use technology to maneuver around this busy world of ours!

Why should we have to look things up at home? Lets do things together; in the classroom!

Ely’s Vision of College Today

This video below sums up what my vision of college is today. Although I strongly believe COLLEGE IS IMPORTANT, colleges today private and even state or city colleges is not what I envisioned my college to be when I graduated high school.

The main reason why I am attending two sessions this summer is because my father agree to pay for them.  I do not have the economic means to pay for them even if I was employed.  All together the CUNY tuition increase (including the additional material fee for the course…. If you didn’t get that email along with prices I will gladly email it to you) and textbook scams are infuriating.

I just visited the bookstore to check on the prices for a book needed for the next session and I have to spend an average of 140 dollars on two books for roughly three weeks.  Since this class starts July 2nd I will have to make copies of the book in the meantime. It is insane how colleges and textbook publishers are pairing up to market books specifically for their college courses also known as “custom textbooks”.  In addition every year another version of the same textbook  is in the market and most of the time the newer version is REQUIRED.  In the end, we the students cannot save money nor profit from a brand new book purchased not even four months ago.

I’m just glad this class does not require a textbook. 


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My vision of college today

After watching the video concerning student’s college experiences, i started to reflect on my own experiences and my view of what the future might hold for me in the educational field. first off my experience here at york has been somewhat similar to some of the things pointed out on the video, in my honest opinion every goal is only achieved with hard work and dedication no matter what obstacles and difficulties we may encounter. the education system today is currently not working and certainly in need of change, from the way teachers connect with students to the way they are taught.

As a future educator i am looking forward to trying out new ways of teaching students using a variety of teaching methods and not focus as much on tests, although test scores play a big factor in today’s education system. as future educators and the next generation of teachers, i think we should strive to find reforms in our schools and stop lecturing our subjects to students and instead use more hands on learning and project based learning. lecturing is widely used by professors, but we have to understand that not everyone learns that way. which is why its important to integrate as much technology in our classrooms as we can, especially if almost everyone is being exposed to various forms of technology from cell phones to iPod’s and iPad’s and smart-boards etc. from what the video shows its obvious that change is needed not only at colleges but throughout public schools as well. we must all strive for a change so that future learners can benefit from technology and at the same time address students individual learning needs so that they can fully learn and understand the subject being taught.

My Vision of College Today

Using Technology to improve learning

My vision of college today incorporate technology into the classroom. Technology is the wave of the newer generation and is critical in guiding the learning experience for students because most of their lives evolve around technology and so does the society that we live in.

students lives are driven by technology so why not their education

Using technology in the classroom gives students a visualization where they can follow along with the teacher as they are going over the material. In some instances this is almost like one on one with the students because as she is going over the material, students can see and ask questions regarding what they are seeing and other students who may have similar questions can follow along.

Check out this futuristic vision on how i see vision college today…  you will enjoy it

Out with the old dusty chalk board and chalk and in with the new interactive whiteboard… so now students can feel like their learning is interactive and is guided by their own intrigue. This will encourage more learning and help teachers teach and guide student’s knowledge of the subject.

My Vision

My vision of school is a Eutopia.

School would be a chance to induldge in creativity and perspective.

School should feel like freedom and bliss.

The mind would be an instrument equivelant to a harp. It should be classic and pure.

I’m just NOT in my right mind.

What school is like in my eyes now:



I spend a lot of time working roughly about 5 to 7 hours each day. My social life declined and school hasn’t been stars and stripes. I think that the educational system is stressful and that its not the paradise I dream of. The fun is stripped and there should be more then assessment.

Teachers fail students out of technicalities rather then participation and agenda. I once took a class that I recieved no lower then an 80 on every assignment and ended up passing with a D, why?

My ligitamate but apparently not very excuse that my computer crashed and I cannot afford another. Out of technicality, the final was to be submited onto safe assign (darn technology) although Prof. Anonymous had the hard copy in his hand the day it was due.

I just didn’t deem it fair considering I really pulled an A- in that class. This ruling created 4 Alaphabets lower then what I should have gotten. This is the education system in my eyes. I am passionately annoyed that such rediculousness could strike.

Oh by the way, there is no need to try to talk to the professor because “technically” he warned me online to send it meanwhile I was computerless and working late those days. Speaking to professors from other departments in the same school its all come to this… prof. Anonymous is retireing soon and could probably care less.

… not to mention he’s got tenure and a reasonably classy position

HURRAY for …

the educational system?

The reason I wanted to write this shennanigans is because I want us all to ackowledge the dim in my eyes from teachers who honestly cannot teach. No I am not just saying this because I got a D, but because I really believe that this professor could improve tremendously – like most teachers in the education system today.