Maker plan Idea

So my idea for maker plan is something I feel could be of great use to everyone. Below is a picture of a normal trashcan that you can see everyday pretty much any where. I sat down at my computer desk everyday and sometimes I am so lazy to throw my trash out. It’s funny because I’m an extremely clean and organized person. However, i do feel that theee could be a helpful reminder of when to take out my trash.:)

Now, my other ideas for my maker plan include some labeling, etc. I will update you on this process a little later on.

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my maker plan

after a week of thinking what i can build or modify and ultimately use in a classroom setting, i have come up with nothing! I always find these types of assignments difficult. one DIY project that has caught my attention was a do it yourself video on making an air conditioner! i love the idea and that it’s simple to build. though it might not have a purpose for teaching a subject or topic, it can be useful for those nasty hot days your teaching in a class that has no A/C and no air coming in through the windows! i remember when i was in junior high and high school having to learn in a classroom that was unbearably hot because their was never in A/C or fan in the room. I could not learn anything, all i did was look at the clock and hoped for time to fly by. my thing is you can carry it and leave it in the classroom and hook it up whenever your students complain about the heat, just set it up in the back of the classroom. It will make your day more pleasant and your students will give you thier undivided attention, hopefully! I will post up my video figuring it out soon!



step in the name of school

As a k-12 prospective teacher keeping the students interest, while learning, and being innovative is quite challenging. My video blog is a spin off from an already existing dancing game which as a prospective physical educator keeps the students active while challenging them academically in school. How the activity would be played is that there is 9 designated box areas on the card board and the students have a chance to write down the topic or subjects in school which are least favorable for them. upon writing the subjects down they would place the cute out squares onto the cardboard then i would number each square 1 to 9. While the music is playing or i count down from 30 on a stop watch i will call out the numbered square to be stepped on in a rapid pace to keep students physically active and focusing on the next box to step in. If they make a mistake of stepping in the wrong box 3 or more times, it would be mandatory for students to write a 3 page paper on the subject they will have to improve upon. If they make a mistake in stepping in wrong box 2 times students will have to write a page in a half, and 1 time they will only have to explain to me for 5 minutes how they will improve upon the subject they selected as the least favorable in school.

let me know what you guys think of the concept…..

ERobot (Building Bot for Essays ( Maker video)

Hey, this is a video of what I plan to make to help benefit my future students as a future educator.  What I originally intended to be hand made instruments turned out to be a Robot like diagram that will help students understand the structure and significance of an essay.  Many students do not understand the importance of the order in an essay but presented in a body like manner, I believe will drive it home and make it more clearer.  Here’s a video of me starting my process on the ERobot its not yet done but it is in the making. I do apologize for the angle, hope you did not break your neck trying to watch this video 🙂
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My Pants, Flowers, and Bit of Burn Out

So the parts to build the 350x microscope haven’t shown up yet, but the extremely inexpensive ($3) magnifying loop showed up. I like many a maker following the best instructions, ran into trouble. But that’s what makes the ‘thingy’ yours, not perfect but wholly mine.

I did achieve my first microscopic animated GIF of a candle flame. But I almost melted the microscope in the process.

#TeamMakers – Decisions, Decisions …. Rocket vs. Heater

For the Makers project me and Rey teamed up and went through many different ideas as to what we can make that also be an assignment we can teach to our future students. We didn’t to just build anything we wanted our “Maker” or “Tool” to serve a purpose.  The first idea we came up with was to make “High-Pressure Foam Rockets” as were seen on the Make Project website, we felt that it was fun, creative and fundamental for our future classrooms but it wasn’t challenging enough. So we stumbled across the “Altoids -Tin Heater”, and we thought it was perfect, challenging, creative. The project even though it seems rather easy it was a bit of a challenge especially when it came to cutting and punching holes through the sheet metal.

The objective of this tool is to teach our future students how to build a portable heater for survival kit purposes possibly to use when camping and needing to roast marshmallows or to simply boil water as suggested on the web-page. Stay tuned for our final finished product!

This is the link to Reyawesome’s post of our 2nd attempt of building our Heater.

Yummy Delights Video


I can’t stress is enough that anything created is done on a trial and error process. I have learned this firsthand from the video shown above.  As you have seen my cell didn’t exactly compare to Se7en’s perfect cell model.

First I went to the candy store and although, I went there with a plan I ended up buying more than what I was going to use.  Next I went home and prepared the jello which is the foundation of the model.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one person in our class does not know how to make jello. Hey I didn’t until my son was about one and a half and I ran out of things (food in particular) to introduce him to. 🙂 . Steps to making jello are

  1. boil one cup of water
  2. dispense all of the jello package into the boiling water
  3. mix until all jello grains are dissolved
  4. immediately add one cup of cold water
  5. pour into desired bowl and refrigerate

These instructions can also be found in the jello package.

I used my imagination, a biology book and started to visualize the organelles according to images.  This was very helpful.

The negative aspect of this project is the lack of assorted color candy in the market. another negative, is the color I chose for the jello next time I think I’ll use yellow (somatic cell) and green (plant cell). Lastly, another negative part is that I am not a HUGE candy fan so I didn’t get to eat much. 🙁 .

One a brighter note, I will keep working and have open mind to what I can do to make my education tool work better the next time around.

How I Made My Tool (Video), Rhizomatic Learning

I’m currently still in the process of making my tool. As mentioned on my previous post, my plan is to make a tool for me to use with students as a future physical educator. In the video I go into details on my ongoing project. Stay tuned….






Be A Maker – Maker Plan

As a future a physical educator I decided on creating a target practice panel using a variety of sports ball. What I had in mind was to take a baseball, football and basketball later drawing a silhouette of the proper hand placement for each ball.

The next step would entail using a piece of tarp to draw out a pair of feet for the proper foot placement as well as a panel with a hole to be used as target practice and accuracy.

The ultimate goal is to be able to teach students the fundamentals of these sports by using proper hand/foot placement, hand and eye coordination as well as the proper techniques to gain accuracy.


We are the Makers! ::sings::

Finally! Evelyn and I finally made our portable heater! The steps were to be recreated, but we feel it may have been a one time thing because the recreation of our first project was actually a miracle.



  • Metal sheet paper
  • Tea light
  • scissors
  • Lighter/matches
  • Tin box
  • Hole puncher
  • Imagination

Step one: Plan a layout

Step two: Measure tin box and cut out a piece of sheet that would fit into the box

Step three: Try very very hard to punch holes for fire to go through

Step four: Create a stand for the tea light to create stability

Step five: create a barrier so that the matches and tea light are sparated

Last but not least, test it out, be sure the box can shut tightly for portibility!


Portable heater brought to you by Eirby and Reyawesome

It works! It really works!

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