The final cut

Final Cut of our maker project

Through many trails, our maker project just kept getting better and better. The different versions all unique, working and improved. I had the best time with this maker project because although it was at first difficult, I really feel that our team mastered it. Not only that but the maker project has inspired me to go on with maker culture. I have embraced this path of spontaneity and exploration so much that I’m working on quite a few things after this course. I’ve actually started a new blog of my own using wordpress and I am pleased to say that I am a maker and that I will be working on my hovercraft project still also my amplifier.

Best technology class I’ve ever taken! WHOO HOO for the REBELS!


makers project finished product!

Ok so here is my makers project video in which i go over the steps for the Styrofoam air conditioner i made. I can’t wait to show it off at the fair tomorrow, and hopefully you’ll want to make one yourself.


1. Styrofoam cooler: about $3

2. ventilation fan: $15 from home depot

3. Recycled water bottles:keep frozen

4. an old or used 3 power cable: (example; old laptop charger)

5. wired knots, a box cutter, a screw driver, and black electric tape


Experiments with the heater wonder

Created another portable heater but also imporved a lot of it. These are just small experiments before the final cut with EIrby that will be posted tonight!

The process in making this is now becoming a load simpler because we are mastering it slowly. We readjusted more things, bought a better hole puncher, thought to make the heating space larger and went green for cut numero dos.

The video will show you how we experimented with our new and improved portable heater: Made by EIrby & ReyAwesome


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Be a Maker – Final Draft

At the beginning of this project (Maker Plan) I must say I was a bit lost and doubtful on whether or not I should stick to the target practice board I had in mind. But as I continued to follow through with it, I realized and remembered that there are so many schools that do not have the budget to purchase the new technological games/equipment that are now being incorporated into the world of physical education.

The budgets in the New York City school system are handled differently than the neighboring suburban school districts in Long Island, Westchester etc. There are other priorities in the NYC Department of Education which administrators feel are far more important than equipment for their physical education classes. This is why I was convinced that what I was working on for my project would be something that not only would benefit the students but the schools budget as well.

About a year ago as I went to observe a gym class in a school in queens. The teacher pulled me aside and showed me the equipment room. The room was full of sports balls, volleyball nets, cones and other miscellaneous items that had been purchased over 25 years ago. The teacher went on to tell me that many times she’s had to purchase some (not all) equipment to replace some of the aging equipment that was no longer useable out of her own pocket to benefit the kids.


The total amount spent on my project was close to $10 dollars, which were really spent to buy the proper sports balls. The items used/purchased are as followed:


–       A piece of drywall (sheetrock) which was laying around my garage: $0

–       White paint (extra paint laying around from previous home projects): $0

–       Printed images from Google images and glued them onto the board: $0

–       Sharpie marker: $0

–       Drywall cutter: $0

–       Nerf football: $5

–       Nerf Baseball: $3

–       Poster boards used for foot placement: $2

–       The feeling of accomplishment: $PRICELESS$


It was so inexpensive to put this project together that could/will benefit many kids. As it may seem like a simple target practice, students would have to use their hand and eye coordination, their foot placement/positioning as well as hand placement for the various sports balls used.

On the video I not only show how I made the piece, but I also included a mini-demonstration on how it can be used as a physical education setting. If you have 3 of these boards set up you can simply teach a class and have the students engaged by giving them a reward for getting the ball through the targeted area or you can also give students an “E” effort. Rewards can range from simple items such as the instructor on a future class to a healthy snack.

Keeping students engaged and sticking to the fundamentals, as well as getting creative with limited resources  the key ingredient to benefiting the students as well as the schools and their budget and  getting the job done.

Lastly, I must say that I was quite excited that i compiled three separate videos and was able to work on some minor video editing as well as some other features.


Cheers to a great class!

AC230 Maker Faire!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2008

For our final class, we are going to have an opportunity to present and play with the tools and projects we’ve all been working on for the past three weeks. Each of you will be able to demonstrate and get others to use your tools in a ten-minute informal presentation. We’ll run three at a time so people can bounce between the various projects. I’m planning on broadcasting the event on a live webstream, so hopefully we’ll get some online participants watching and giving us feedback too.

Also I’m going to set-up some stations for ‘making’ the day of the fair. You’re welcome to set-up a station as well for others. It’s all in the maker spirit and for fun.

Stations I’ll setup are as follows:

  • colored eggs with messages about creating.
    October 2010 - 16
  • make a human animated GIFs gallery
  • sci-fi a toy (with silver paint) – get ambitious and you can make an R2-D2 bike helmet.

Leave you’re ideas in the comments and bring anything you’d like!

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