Digital Story Telling; Taking a look at yourself.

Digital Storytelling is a wonderful way to get students engaged in the classroom and to allow them to make something in a non-traditional way.  Technology is all around us and it will become more vital in the classroom as time passes by.

My idea for a digital story telling project (k-6) would be to ask my students to write down how they would like to see themselves and perhaps their favorite places or things and what they would like to be when they grow up. They can bring a current picture of themselves and we will scan it, save it and use it to digitally enhance it..=)

This picture that I edited is how I saw myself and envisioned myself while I was doing this.I was envisioning myself in colder weather lol, hint, the snow falling. I also like black and white pictures more than I do color, because I guess I value old things, like items, and this looks like something than could be old.  I also like the fact that It’s not clear, which is what I intended for it to look like because it shows a bit of mysteriousness which is how I see myself sometimes when I’m super quiet and focused.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, in the end the little details go along way when analyzed.  Which is what I would like my students to realize, that the little things that are done and the effort put into things, creates a bigger picture.  =)
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One Shot: Cell division

Subject: Cell division (mitosis)

Aim: What are the five phases of mitosis (somatic cells).

Summary: In inspiration of DS106, One shot project I completed, As a future high school teacher of biology, I would create the same assignment for my class to make, but this time around only involving cell division.  Remixing, reshaping, cropping a one shot image of each process of the cell division is a creative way for the students to engage to both technology and their aim for that day, which is to learn about the the phases of mitosis cell division. like this,



Digital Storytelling K-12

As a future physical educator I would create a digital assignment where students would be able to illustrate their vision or philosphy of success in sports.

To clarify, the goal is for students, using still images and/or video clips, to demonstrate what their perception of success within sports is.  They can refer to commercials such as Nike or Gatorade or billboards.

The assignment is to have students reflect on their own concept of success and what their perspective is to reach that goal (the means to the end).  For example, success may be a runner helping a fellow athlete cross the finish line, even if it means losing the race.  It can also mean a watching a clip or clips of people waking up each day before school to practice their sport.

Hope you enjoy my sample illustration below.


“What Do People Think…. About Teens?

The storytelling assignment that I would use in my future classroom would be themed around “Turning a Negative into a Positive”. I came up with this idea when browsing through the design assignments on the ds106 website and I came across the “What People Think I Do” meme. It consisted of different images of sterotypes of what people thought about college students and the final frame represents the actual person.

The objective of this assigment would be to teach my future students about various sterotypes and how they can change a negative sterotype into a possible positive one. This will also teach them that a picture can be worth a 1000 words when different people give their opinions. I also created a meme myself of “What People Think of Teenagers”. I really enjoyed this design assignment and look forward to doing this with my future students.

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Super Saiyan 4 for students

We get inspiration from various people and as young people and students we look to super heroes who we look up to and would like to be in order to face and overcome obstacles which come our way. From Batman out smarting bad guys saving the day, super man and his strength and speed defeating practically anybody and other heroes who overcome obstacles and prevail. As a student school is an obstacle we must overcome in order to be successful in life so take an image of your self and edit it so you can create yourself as your own super heroe or a super heroe that already exists. have fun with this explain in your picture how this super heroe will over come challenges in school and how the use of your super powers will help you. create a mini story explaining the image.

I photoshop my picture @ where it is the easiest format of photoshopping pics.


super saiyan

As a student i face many challenges throughout my studies. Instead of letting these obstacles over take me and hinder me in school i take that fear, doubt, anger, and channel it to destroy anything in my way which may prevent me to do well in school. In my super saiyan Goku form i can achieve anything. First pic is me fully powered up in dragon ball z and the 2nd pic is me slightly powering down returning back to normal.

Students will create stories such as this one of themselves as a super heroe or any creative piece which will tell a story.


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using technology as a tool for teaching

applying technology in todays classrooms is a must for every teacher. today’s crop of students use computers and smartphones, iPods, iPads etc.. on a daily bases and almost everyone of them knows how to use them. by having our students use a website like ds106 you will be opening a space where they can share ideas and engage their creativity for an educational purpose. my idea of a lesson plan (digital storytelling) would be to first of all learn how to make a blog where my students would post up their work. then have different fun assignments that deal with what we have learned in class. since i am majoring in Spanish and plan to teach Spanish in k-12, i would have them post up a video where my students would pair up with each other in groups of three and create a video using Spanish verbs, or verbs they learned that week. the students can be as creative as they want but always keeping in mind its an educational video too. below is an example of what it might look like. I picked this video because it has non native Spanish speakers, representing the diverse student body one can expect in a classroom. enjoy the video its quite funny!


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My digital storytelling for the future kiddies of America =)

I am doing a double major including English as well as Early Childhood Education. My goal is to become a 2nd grade teacher. I love children and I always want them to implement their thoughts and creativity through any means necessary whether it includes writing, singing, sports, whatever may be the case. Today, our world has been heavily influenced by social media and digital ways of expressing one’s inner emotions as well as thoughts.By incorporating fun techniques such as using the internet at a young age, some children may  have a great way to express themselves and learn about the world and the unlimited technology it offers.  I would definitely like to incorporate some type of digital knowledge that I feel should be mandatory for parents to work with their children and teach them. After all, the world is based a lot on digital media and effects nowadays anyways. So this would be a plus.

I would want their assignment to be to work with their parent, older sister, brother or uncle who is over sixteen who understands digital storytelling or how to make media in general and help their child to pic their favorite childhood memory.  Then, they would have to edit that picture to show some type of before and after behavior of their favorite picture or memory. This idea serves as a bonding situation for the parent/guardian as well as the child. It’s very sweet.

New Way of Life aka Education


Hey as I was doing the Ds106 assignment I was wondering how i would apply such tools and assignments in my classroom.  After i did the Montage assignment I realized that things would be an awesome idea to implement in a highschool environment seeing that i am an English major I would have the class read a certain play, novel or short story and ask them to respond to it using a montage. Through this montage I want them to expalin their favorite quote or part of what they read.  This will be fun and allow them to be engaged and excited about homework or applications which is what one of my professors called it to make it sound less boring and demanding to students. There is so much I can do using Digital storytelling.  I was also thinking how to explain theme using a montage and how frequently it has to constantly appear in order for it to be a solid theme.  I also thought about how i could use sound cloud to explain tone and the effects of tone in both when reading a play or novel and the significance of it.  This is a video of my response after I have read the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare.  This is an example of what my students would do, the objective is to assess and understand reading comprehension and to have fun!!, hope you enjoy it 🙂


Recreate your favorite movie scene w/ new audio/music!!!

You will be asked to recreate any movie clip/tv clip using any movie maker (window movie maker, imovie) or any other video editing application and insert a different audio/music into the clip that you think makes sense with the clip (give an explanation as to why) and upload  to youtube. This inspiration comes from this ds106 assignment. Here is one i created to give you an idea. I used music from pee-wee herman’s big adventure to go along with the Joker’s “pencil trick” scene in the Dark Knight. Doing this assignment will enable us to be our own director and set our own moods (by inserting music) where we see fit. Video should be anywhere from 15 seconds to 1 minute. Enjoy!


P.E. assignment for the future


In a blog post create an assignment that would be completed by students in your future classroom. Describe what they are to make and create an example. Also describe what learning objectives you believe it might support. Remember that the assignment should be fun!

As a future physical educator the assignment I would want my students to complete through digital media would be to create their own game through digital story telling. It should be a video explaining steps about their particular made up game. I value the importance of guidance meanwhile the importance of exploring. I believe that students should be able to create and reenact, its one of the wonders of sports, you can make up your own game and actually play it; your rules, your game. Some learning objectives that would be taken in consideration would be class discussions, individual learning, and technology based learning. Digital story telling would be used to help develop a technological skill, it can encourage research and the use of online tools.

Learning objectives would be supported by allowing students to experience and create their own games, and it would be a game that each student personally gravitates towards. Afterward thr reenactment of the sport or game, would be the fun part. Different learning styles are also addressed. Visual learners, auditory, and kin esthetic learners are all addressed.