I Bumper This

I didn’t realize that I didn’t indicate which images I contributed to the bumper drawing. So here they are.  Most speak for themselves but the one that I thought was important is the one where education is being highlighted in the dictionary. There can be many ways that education can be defined but one thing that I thought a dictionary should include is that technology is also a part of education.  Dictionaries should have an update option.

My reaction to this steady flow of knowledge/ course- (Bumper my course)

So I was thinking about this course since the first day of class. It’s one of the most refreshing courses that I have actually taken in a long time. This helps me to understand how I can make use of digital technology and implement that into my daily life. I feel that by the use of this technology, it has open my eyes to new programs I have never touched, including iPhoto, Photoshop, iMovie, Photobooth, and other programs including Sound Cloud, Tumblr and Flickr. I never knew how to distort images or blur them to my satisfaction. I never knew how to do anything really that dealt with editing or video clip arrangement. I learned so much and I continue to learn every day with the creative assignments that are uploaded to the site not just from me but from my creative classmates and professor. I enjoy it and I feel that this course is extremely worthwhile to take.


The classroom can be fun with interactive teacher student technology lessons=)

Bumper my Course

This class/course is far from tradition and it makes it feel like a breath of fresh air. I know that I will be able to take so much away from this course after its over because it gave me a new found love for blogging. Also as a future educator I know that I can take the things I’ve learned and incorporate it into my own classroom. I like to learn and to be able to teach with little limitations as possible. I come to realize that every student will learn and grasp things different when it comes to learning.


This course has given me the freedom to express myself and to tap into my creative side. I know once I’ve put my mind to it I can put together great ideas and future assignments. I’ve also learned from my classmates through their post. The bumper stickers I chose to tag to the “Honk If You’re a Maker”  so far (will post more) was the “Creative Eye” which I felt was necessary throughout the course. The other bumper sticker was the “Creative Genius” picture. I felt both describe the course perfectly.


Bumper Sticker Linker

Google Drawing– Slapped on images I felt could contribute to our Bumper sticker project.

The course is a fun, educational. Learning about all the things the web offers is very interesting. I like that we link a lot of education into all of our projects and I enjoy that we can network through the internet and it can later become very useful. I think that the course expanded my knowledge of computers and applications. This course can be helpful because students can use other forms of contacting, networking, learning, teaching and presenting. I’m glad I took this course, its well worth it!
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