The Final Round To A Great Class in AC230!

As students we all take classes because it’s part of the core requirements or because in any shape or form we need the credits to fulfill. As I looked at the name of the class Teaching with Multimedia, I must say I had my own idea of what the class would be like. I had this notion or idea that we would be creating PowerPoint slides or learning how to familiarize ourselves with some technological items currently being used in classrooms today such as Smart Boards or online gradebooks. I also thought it would probably familiarize us with new applications for teaching techniques or teaching us how to utilize the web as a resource.  To my surprise, I wasn’t even close. This class during the 4 short weeks has opened my mind to taking on my new career in a completely different angle. Its help me think outside the box as well as express my views, my philosophy and simply believe that it all starts with your own approach. We all need to make something and work with what we have. Its about being creative and taking action of your next step. As professor Smith mentioned to us in class, its very simple for one to coast and become complacent, but we need to challenge ourselves to not only keep our creative juices flowing, but to pass that along to our future students. As future educators we may not be able to change the world, rather you can set a different twist and angle and as learned in this course, blog about it, make connections and be heard.

The videos we were assigned to watch, the Ted Talks we were asked to analyze and all other videos watched throughout the four weeks certainly had one common theme; the reinvention of education.  Technology is part of everyone’s daily life and as teachers it is crucial that students understand how to use it not only for the purposes of learning from it but learning by creating forums that create learning spaces for their own knowledge.

“We are entering the new age of education that is programmed for discovery rather than education”

I did not have anything from the course that I found not to be useful nor interesting given that I learned so much and gained more than I anticipated based on my description above on what I thought this class would be about.  One major thing that I learned is that is just if not more important to learn by doing, than to learn by watching and that is what I expect to take to my future students.

Cheers to a great class! Have a great summer everyone!





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Be a Maker – Final Draft

At the beginning of this project (Maker Plan) I must say I was a bit lost and doubtful on whether or not I should stick to the target practice board I had in mind. But as I continued to follow through with it, I realized and remembered that there are so many schools that do not have the budget to purchase the new technological games/equipment that are now being incorporated into the world of physical education.

The budgets in the New York City school system are handled differently than the neighboring suburban school districts in Long Island, Westchester etc. There are other priorities in the NYC Department of Education which administrators feel are far more important than equipment for their physical education classes. This is why I was convinced that what I was working on for my project would be something that not only would benefit the students but the schools budget as well.

About a year ago as I went to observe a gym class in a school in queens. The teacher pulled me aside and showed me the equipment room. The room was full of sports balls, volleyball nets, cones and other miscellaneous items that had been purchased over 25 years ago. The teacher went on to tell me that many times she’s had to purchase some (not all) equipment to replace some of the aging equipment that was no longer useable out of her own pocket to benefit the kids.


The total amount spent on my project was close to $10 dollars, which were really spent to buy the proper sports balls. The items used/purchased are as followed:


–       A piece of drywall (sheetrock) which was laying around my garage: $0

–       White paint (extra paint laying around from previous home projects): $0

–       Printed images from Google images and glued them onto the board: $0

–       Sharpie marker: $0

–       Drywall cutter: $0

–       Nerf football: $5

–       Nerf Baseball: $3

–       Poster boards used for foot placement: $2

–       The feeling of accomplishment: $PRICELESS$


It was so inexpensive to put this project together that could/will benefit many kids. As it may seem like a simple target practice, students would have to use their hand and eye coordination, their foot placement/positioning as well as hand placement for the various sports balls used.

On the video I not only show how I made the piece, but I also included a mini-demonstration on how it can be used as a physical education setting. If you have 3 of these boards set up you can simply teach a class and have the students engaged by giving them a reward for getting the ball through the targeted area or you can also give students an “E” effort. Rewards can range from simple items such as the instructor on a future class to a healthy snack.

Keeping students engaged and sticking to the fundamentals, as well as getting creative with limited resources  the key ingredient to benefiting the students as well as the schools and their budget and  getting the job done.

Lastly, I must say that I was quite excited that i compiled three separate videos and was able to work on some minor video editing as well as some other features.


Cheers to a great class!

Habitual Discomfort in Teaching & Learning

Imagining, reflecting and simply brainstorming are from my perspective the three key/essential components to reinventing and bringing your “A” game in all walks of life and would be the ingredients to break the habitual discomfort in Teaching and Learning. However one can say it’s easier said than done. Another can say “It’s been done before”. But should that stop us from trying? Absolutely not!

Over 8 years I thought I had it all figured out and that my job/career/degree in business would eventually take me where I really wanted to be, but as I woke up one morning, I simply told myself “you need change”. To make a long story short, having worked in a corporate environment it would have been so much easier for me to stay where I was, but I decided I wasn’t happy. It was simple, it was now or never.

The same approach I have today as I will soon begin a new career is the same way I need to stay in an academic setting. It doesn’t matter what subject area you teach, but the wheels of creativity and change must stay moving in today’s quickly evolving world.


The techniques used or discussed in the Jake Glover link talks about reinventing Physical Education. It highlights a video from 1991 where a teacher has students connected to a device to monitor heart rate in order to collect data on how their bodies are using the energy. One of the obvious ways to reinvent any subject area is by incorporating the use of technology. Things such as video games (as also seen on the video link) can help children in becoming more physically fit or interested and engaged in their health. Glover also finds ways to spread his message through the use of music by creating informative raps that provide specific terminology related to physical education with a fun twist to it.

Now the question is, what happens to the schools that don’t having any funding for these hi-tech devices such as bluetooth heart rate monitors/devices and exergaming which is a new to the world of physical education? It requires administrators to instruct their staff to focus on the basic fundamentals just as it was done years ago. A bag of balls, some cones and some simple drills and excercises to keep student active.


The Michael Wesch’s video shows students today and their varied visions of their role in education. The time spent on other daily factors seems to be more time consuming then their actual schooling. What message does that send educators on the difficulty of not only engaging students today but also meeting their individual needs? If we are discussing the reinvention of education, although we immediately jump towards technology, the implication that all educators know how to use it efficiently and purposefully is in correct. Starting with what is available and how it is used, is important in the process of revamping rather than reinventing education. All we are doing is changing the forum and the ways to receive and send the necessary information.

The bottom line is that just as Professor Smith, we need to continue to make it interesting for our students and one self.

Technical Difficulties with Ignite Talk! Please Help!

Hey Classmates,

It appears I’ve had some technical difficulties with my Ignite Talk posted last week. My Google form unfortunately did record my responses. Can you kindly respond to my post/questionnaire? Thanks for your help! I’ve posted the link below:

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Igniting Conversation About the Future of Education – Henry Jenkins (video 13)


My video was about Henry Jenkins who is “officially” the Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He likes to refer to himself as a Professor of Miscellaneous Studies.

His work focuses on the roles in which media plays in the daily lives of people.  What he highlights in this video clip, representative of some of his work, is the notion of “participatory culture”.  He has written books like Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture; Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide; and the forthcoming Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture (with Sam Ford and Joshua Green), and runs conferences such as Transmedia Hollywood and Futures of Entertainment.

“The culture in Rio was a place that was informal, chaotic yet deeply social” – This as linked to education, which can be so formal and possibly rigid at times, seems to embrace chaos as a positive force in socializing and communication.  Additionally, he discusses what he says are “lecture police for not participating”, all of which serve as “a model for education”.


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How I Made My Tool (Video), Rhizomatic Learning

I’m currently still in the process of making my tool. As mentioned on my previous post, my plan is to make a tool for me to use with students as a future physical educator. In the video I go into details on my ongoing project. Stay tuned….






Be A Maker – Maker Plan

As a future a physical educator I decided on creating a target practice panel using a variety of sports ball. What I had in mind was to take a baseball, football and basketball later drawing a silhouette of the proper hand placement for each ball.

The next step would entail using a piece of tarp to draw out a pair of feet for the proper foot placement as well as a panel with a hole to be used as target practice and accuracy.

The ultimate goal is to be able to teach students the fundamentals of these sports by using proper hand/foot placement, hand and eye coordination as well as the proper techniques to gain accuracy.


Digital Storytelling K-12

As a future physical educator I would create a digital assignment where students would be able to illustrate their vision or philosphy of success in sports.

To clarify, the goal is for students, using still images and/or video clips, to demonstrate what their perception of success within sports is.  They can refer to commercials such as Nike or Gatorade or billboards.

The assignment is to have students reflect on their own concept of success and what their perspective is to reach that goal (the means to the end).  For example, success may be a runner helping a fellow athlete cross the finish line, even if it means losing the race.  It can also mean a watching a clip or clips of people waking up each day before school to practice their sport.

Hope you enjoy my sample illustration below.


Visual Assignment 487 – DS 106 (Chris Brown & Drake)

Sometimes having a greater variety makes it difficult to make a decision. I can certainly say that this was the case for the visual assignment. After an hour of browsing, I finally decided on Assignment 487. I selected a picture of hip-hop/R&B artist Chris Brown and Drake since they recently got into a melee at a NYC club. This is certainly another black eye for the hip-hop culture. Two young successful artist’s simply not thinking logically and not serving as role models to their younger fan base by getting into a scuffle over another female celebrity that wasn’t even present at the time.

Hope you enjoy the picture and quote!