Facing The Mirror

Wow The video really expose the true feelings of most students includiing myself.  Once again this video showed how unfocused the education system is.  A format is displayed and is expected to work all the time.  No one is observing or listening to the voice of the students but rather educators and others involved in the education system are doing what they are told.  There is some foundation but there are many gaps, incomplete pieces.  This is why  I chose this image, because my college experience is not totally terrible but I notice that there are a lot of incomplete pieces.  There are many expectations and goals for students but how are we as students supposed to be the best and sucessful, when we don’t have the full picture to show us how to get to the finish line.  How are we supposed to meet the requirements envisioned for us as students when there are a lot of obstacles in our way and no guidance or solutions on how to overcome these challanges. The video pointed out there are a lot of problems that we as student did not start but are blamed for and paying the consequences for everyday we walk in to a classroom.    

incomplete puzzle

Speak on It


Jim Groom from Battle of the Apocalypse… the speaker mentioned that we as educators are using things that applied to an older generation to teach the younger generation, therefore there is confusion and lack of interest. Due to crisis being blown out of proportion we as educators have become Distracted and disconnected with the times. He stated with DS 106 students were able to connect and have fun.  I believe that due to the pressures of the No Child Left Behind Act a lot of educators and administrators are forgetting what education is really about and what it involves.  In order to teach you must know your students and find ways to connect.  Most teachers are not connecting, therefore, students are not learning and not motivated t.  This generation is thrilled and acquainted with technology, which is constantly evolving. Technology will be a good tool to motivate and inspire students to become educated.  This video Speak On It, discuses the problems within education as well and some solutions  on how these crisis can be solved