E Robot Complete

Hey this is the completion of my E Robot, This was a fun project and I believe that will be useful for me and others in the future. ¬† Enjoy the video which was directed by my little brother ( I took one of my classmates advice and let him have some more fame lol ) but this is the E Robot, hope you like it ūüôā


A New Awakening

Truly I can’t ¬†find the words to describe my new found excitement for technology and how it can be used in the classroom. ¬†I feel a sense of liberation and freedom because all this time I was trying to figure out how to make my future classroom more exciting and innovative without technology because I am not that experinced and bright when it comes to new media, but that has all changed. ¬† Instead of avoiding the constantly evolving technology in my classroom I have chosen to embrace it. ¬†I have chosen to get a hold of this Bag of Gold as Gardner Campbell mentioned. ¬†This class has truly taught me a lesson that ignorance is a bliss, because I was one of those who agreed to an extent with teachers who were complaiig about learning new media to enhance their teaching and students. ¬†After taking this class I will tell them that if they do not include these new medias in their classroom they are starving their students and are becoming a hipocrite because we are educators its our job to learn but yet we are refusing to learn and keeping the title as educator, dont that sound strange. ¬†Well to me it does and I am glad I took this class especially with the professor I have. He was down to earth and he did not spoon feed us every ¬†single detail but he made us learn it on our own to make sure it leaves an impression and lasts. ¬†I love the way that this course gave me an excitement to become an educator. ¬†I also love how this class created oppurtunities for creativity and new experiences. ¬†I will definitley cherish, value and use mostly everything I learned in this class,especially the new Blog I created. I can only say Future class look forward to a new exciting and ground breaking experience in your education, thanks to all and I know this is not the end to my new passion for learning and experiencing new media, Thanks Professor, Whoo!! ūüôā

Get Up and Get to Work!!

I honestly believe that in order to make a difference you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. ¬†You have to¬†constantly¬†remind¬†yourself of your goal and¬†reason¬†for being in the place you are, which in our case are ¬†classrooms. ¬†I beleive that most educators have become content and has hung their hats with what works because they never had a goal or vision or they stopped believing. ¬†My fingers are not enough to count the amount of teachers that I ¬†have seen and come in contact with that are passionless and uninspired, they are there to do their “job” get paid and move on. ¬†Their is no zeal and no expectation to move beyond what they are currently doing. ¬†The video that revealed students Vision of College today is not just happening in college but in every area of education. ¬†We as educators need to stop compromising and start giving our best. ¬†The students deserve the best, not some washed up lesson plan that has been used for 20 years as professor stated, we need to remember why we are educators. ¬†We are supposed to create new experiences that will challenge and stimulate the minds of others. ¬†To be called an educator you need to also educate yourself, this is part of our¬†responsibility¬†as an educator. ¬†It is time to get uncomfortable and creative. ¬†Let’s move forward and make a difference.

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ERobot (Building Bot for Essays ( Maker video)

Hey, this is a video of what I plan to make to help benefit my future students as a future educator. ¬†What I originally intended to be hand made instruments turned out to be a Robot like diagram that will help students understand the structure and significance of an essay. ¬†Many students do not understand the importance of the order in an essay but presented in a body like manner, I believe will drive it home and make it more clearer. ¬†Here’s a video of me starting my process on the ERobot its not yet done but it is in the making. I do apologize for the angle, hope you did not break your neck trying to¬†watch¬†this video ūüôā

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All it Takes is One, Mimi Ito

Mizuko also known as Mimi Ito is a research scientist,Writer and Professor at Kelo University.  She is an individual that researches how teenagers and youths communicate using new media. Mimi Ito is currently the PI of the  Digital Youth Project and is focused on how youth engage with new media individually and collectively. In the Ignite Talk Saturday Mimi explained and expressed her opinions on how new media that youth are using to communicate and express themselves can be included in education, to create a diverse learning environment .


One of the quotes that interested me was when she stated “we can no longer talk about educational opportunity as simply putting kids through standardized pipelines in a digital era where learning is highly distributed…”¬†
The second quote i really enjoyed was when she stated ” We need to come ¬†together as ¬†coalition around the vision of learning that isn’t about where its not about pushing all kids down the same narrow pipeline to success…”

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dHFUejFPYmJ1VmN5LTNJSS00c3RJOHc6MQ” width=”580″ height=”1284″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]

New Way of Life aka Education


Hey as I was doing the Ds106 assignment I was wondering how i would apply such tools and assignments in my classroom. ¬†After i did the Montage assignment I realized that things would be an awesome idea to implement in a highschool environment seeing that i am an¬†English¬†major I would have the class read a certain play, novel or short story and ask them to respond to it using a montage. Through this montage I want them to expalin their favorite quote or part of what they read. ¬†This will be fun and allow them to be engaged and excited about homework or applications which is what one of my professors called it to make it sound less boring and demanding to students. There is so much I can do using Digital storytelling. ¬†I was also thinking how to explain theme using a montage and how frequently it has to constantly appear in order for it to be a solid theme. ¬†I also thought about how i could use sound cloud to explain tone and the effects of tone in both when reading a play or novel and the significance of it. ¬†This is a video of my response after I have read the play Hamlet by¬†William¬†Shakespeare. ¬†This is an example of what my students would do, the objective is to assess and understand reading comprehension and to have fun!!, hope you enjoy it ūüôā


Dance With Me


I can honestly say that i have underestimated this video assignment on DS106 but i am proud to say that i enjoyed it. I finally learned how to  make videos and how to use Movie maker to do it.  This will not be the last time I will do something like this.  This is definitely a good skill to learn. Hope you can enjoy it i tried my best. I named this Montage Dance.

By the way i contested this video and it was permitted



This is the new Montage that i have posted and it is emphasized on dance, this assignment allowed me to tell a story through video and this is a great tool for the classroom because it is a way to connect with this current generation. This tool will allow students to be engaged and motivated in learning.  Students will be excited to enhance their academics not only because its something they can relate with but also because its fun.  The first video is the one that was taken down and the second one was able to go through, if you want to comment on the difference feel free to compare and contrast





The Sound Of Grace

I knew i would i would choose this assignment ever since the professor showed it to us in class, on Ds106  I get to use the two things i like, which is music and writing.This assignment was very fun for me because it allowed me to be creative in telling a story through the titles of songs i listen to.  I think this concept is cool and hope others enjoy it.


Let Us See

This assignment that causes us¬†to be makers.¬† It¬†involves a lot of creative thinking and planning.¬† I have been thinking of what to make and¬†I was blank for a good while, so¬†I decided to watch the video with Grant¬†Potter and he gave me ideas on how to look at this assignment.¬†¬†This¬†assignment is not about just building for the sake of building but this assignment is to motivate us¬†to be thinkers so we don’t become complacent robots who are programmed. We often wonder why there are only few people like Potter and people that he pointed out within his lecture, like the boy who built a windmill that was supposed to be for irrigation and¬†ended up being¬†a tower for electrcity, or the person who made the incubator out of car parts.¬† The man who made the tower said his mother and others thought he was crazy because¬†he was using everyday resources that was not expected to¬†perform such tasks.¬† He¬†is not crazy, as a matter of fact he is normal, the crazy ones are the ones who just complain about a problem and do nothing about it.¬† This is why this assignment is significant because its teaching us as individuals to be problem solvers, learnig how to make something out of nothing.¬† This is why¬†I really enjoyed wacthing the video.¬† I also enjoyed the potter video because it revealed that failure was not the end of the world, but rather its part of the process and should be embraced. Potter mentioned that school systems tend to¬†limit students from taking risks and¬†I believe that is true.¬†School systems have created an¬†environment where students are afraid to fail and therefore refuse to be creative and¬†risktakers.¬†This how¬†I found out¬†what¬†I want to create.¬† I decided to create a song and¬†music(making a beat from scracth, which i have never done)¬†that¬†will help Elementary School¬†teachers transition from one¬†subject to another smoothly.¬† It will allow students to be boosted up and prepared for the next session.¬† I have obsereved elementary school classes and students are just going from one thing to the next without a smooth transition and I’m hoping to fix that with this invention.¬† This invention might change¬†because¬†I think¬†I should make something a bit more tangible. I’m open for more ideas, but this is what it is for now.¬† I hope it all works out.

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Elephant in the Room

I always wondered as a teacher how I would deal with bullying in my classroom, ¬†first I was in denial and i said that I would put rules up and try to make a comfortable and respectful environment where everyone will love and respect each other. ¬†This can happen but at the same time kids are kids no matter what age. ¬†Also what if this pretty happy world i want to create does not happen because there is always one student that refuses to follow instructions and what about outside the classroom? ¬†These are all questions that are still not clearly answered. ¬†As I’m getting closer and closer to my time to become a future educator I am realizing that there is an elephant in the room. ¬†I read this blog¬†Bullying We Ignore¬†by¬†Caltha Crowe. ¬†This blog gave me something to think about. ¬†This solution is one that is not common due to ¬†the constant instances of bullying in schools. ¬†Crowe states that if we as teachers stop ignoring the bad comments students say to one another and react with “A firm and respectful statement, “That’s not kind,” is enough if we use it quickly.” ¬†I definitely agree and will use this advice in and outside my classroom, whether they are students in my class or not. ¬†It’s the little things that matter and make a difference. ¬†No more elephants in my room, I am setting this animal free because now I know one way of approaching this issue. ¬†I also learned that ignoring such nasty comments ¬†will only make the situation worst. I was bullied and made fun of in my 8th grade math class and my teacher never said a word. ¬†He sat in his chair as if nothing was wrong. ¬†I refuse to be that type of teacher and I will the advice from this blog to make a difference. ¬†This is why I chose this blog, it makes a difference which reveals the definition and goal of our title as educators.


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