makers project finished product!

Ok so here is my makers project video in which i go over the steps for the Styrofoam air conditioner i made. I can’t wait to show it off at the fair tomorrow, and hopefully you’ll want to make one yourself.


1. Styrofoam cooler: about $3

2. ventilation fan: $15 from home depot

3. Recycled water bottles:keep frozen

4. an old or used 3 power cable: (example; old laptop charger)

5. wired knots, a box cutter, a screw driver, and black electric tape


final reflections on AC230

my initial thoughts on AC230 is that it was going to be like a traditional technology class but boy was i wrong! this course is not what i had expected, it’s way better than what i had hoped for. In this course i got to blog about education, be creative and be connected with other students through an internet space like a blog. it has been a great experience learning how to expand your network of people interested or connected in something you enjoy (education). AC230 is diffenetly in the edupunk style. the most important concept that i am taking from AC230 and applying it in my education philisophy is that CHANGE IN EDUCATION IS A MUST! and it is up to us (Future teachers) to derail the traditional way of teaching and connect with our students in a different way.

ignite talk poll result

Here are the results from the poll posted up. reflecting back on some of the feedback (answers) most thought that the merging of teachers, tech people and digital designers was a good direction for the future of education. because it would enable creativity for students in an technology education environment and have experts in their respective fields combining their knowledge and teaching student’s.

poll result

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staying uncomfortable brings new ideas!

After reading Jim Grooms and brain lamb article and watching some videos on edupunk, I realized that his idea on coming up with new material is what teaching and learning is all about. My reflection on the whole concept is that although we as future teachers might rely on the material taught in our first year, we must become an edupunk and come up with fresh ideas and teaching concepts. Future teachers should stray from the traditional system of teaching that we were or are being taught. I have heard that the first year of teaching is the most difficult, but it i can imagine it is the most rewarding. simply because you will learn so much from your students and learn things about yourself you didn’t know. In my opinion being an edupunk is what teaching should be about, providing new material to your student’s, learning about new advances in your field in order to project them in your teaching. Something that i learned from this course (AC230) that opens my eyes a little, is that being more hands-on with your students can be rewarding for you and your students. Having student’s make more projects, giving them a space where they can be as creative as they want (for example a blog or a website). Integrating as much technology as possible is part of being an edupunk because your applying new innovations to your classroom (Open Educational Technology).

my maker plan

after a week of thinking what i can build or modify and ultimately use in a classroom setting, i have come up with nothing! I always find these types of assignments difficult. one DIY project that has caught my attention was a do it yourself video on making an air conditioner! i love the idea and that it’s simple to build. though it might not have a purpose for teaching a subject or topic, it can be useful for those nasty hot days your teaching in a class that has no A/C and no air coming in through the windows! i remember when i was in junior high and high school having to learn in a classroom that was unbearably hot because their was never in A/C or fan in the room. I could not learn anything, all i did was look at the clock and hoped for time to fly by. my thing is you can carry it and leave it in the classroom and hook it up whenever your students complain about the heat, just set it up in the back of the classroom. It will make your day more pleasant and your students will give you thier undivided attention, hopefully! I will post up my video figuring it out soon!



Hsing Wei and her digital prototypes (beyond educational technology)

So my video is based on a talk Hsing Wei did on a DML conference in which she discusses how teachers, designers and technologists should get together and create learning based story’s or tools in order to teach something. by having people from other fields they can use enhance technology based learning, so that it can attract and facilitate learning for many students.

“what would happen if we brought different disciplines into the same space to hack together in designing learning digital interactions” –  Hsing Wei. this quote gives one of the main points in her talk. what would happen if teachers got together with designers and technologists in creating digital learning programs or tools? another interesting quote from Hsing was “how semantic data might actually be engaging for a student”.

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using technology as a tool for teaching

applying technology in todays classrooms is a must for every teacher. today’s crop of students use computers and smartphones, iPods, iPads etc.. on a daily bases and almost everyone of them knows how to use them. by having our students use a website like ds106 you will be opening a space where they can share ideas and engage their creativity for an educational purpose. my idea of a lesson plan (digital storytelling) would be to first of all learn how to make a blog where my students would post up their work. then have different fun assignments that deal with what we have learned in class. since i am majoring in Spanish and plan to teach Spanish in k-12, i would have them post up a video where my students would pair up with each other in groups of three and create a video using Spanish verbs, or verbs they learned that week. the students can be as creative as they want but always keeping in mind its an educational video too. below is an example of what it might look like. I picked this video because it has non native Spanish speakers, representing the diverse student body one can expect in a classroom. enjoy the video its quite funny!


lotto keno

slide guy on alien egg sack

here’s my first photoshop picture, from the ds106 assignment blog. i used adobe photoshop and watched a video tutorial on how to do it. it was a simple task once you view someone else do it. i decided to put slide guy on the alien queen’s egg sack thingy from the film Aliens because it’s funny looking and gross! and one of those scenes that grossed me out when i was a kid.

great scenes in cinema(montage)

I was looking forward to making a video and had decided to  make a video montage assigned by the ds106 blog, but had problems with the program i was using which was Cyberlink Power director. so for know I’ve posted a previous video i made, using video clips from some of my favorite movies. As i stated before the programs i used to make this video were Power director which helps edit and produce the video and trim the clips you would like to use in your video. another program was dvd dycripter which downloads your dvd onto your computer and allows you to select the scenes you would like to use. since this was my first attempt it took me about 3 hours to complete the video, but after getting know how to use the programs by researching i am know able to do them with ease.


Educational networking connection

I started searching aimlessly on Google  for a way to begin connecting with people who are concerned with education, more specifically with new ideas on how to teach and connect with students so that they learn in a different way and actually helps them in their future. I remembered the Ted talk video and how it related to education, so i visited and YouTube in search for a blogger or speaker on education. I came across a video by Charles Leadbeater and how his search for radical new forms of education led him to third world countries where education isn’t the best around but try to reinvent school in a way that connects their youth who countless times turn to crime for a solution to their problems. the video is roughly 19 minutes long, but worth watching. One thing that interested me was the connection between education here in the states and education in developing countries, and that connection is that we can learn from these countries and implement their radical view on education and make changes here at home. As well as how technology plays a big role in future teaching.