A roller coaster of emotions …

So before I took this class to be completely honest, I saw the schedule and I thought it would just be ok because five hours is enough to be on computers and then form some type of carpel tunnel syndrome afterwards. I liked the schedule because I only had class two days but that was a dream to me. LOL. Well little did I know, my entire mindset of the class would change from start to finish once I entered that computer lab.


So I gave the course a try at the first day and that same first day, I learned so much about tagging, about html brackets, about the true meaning behind a blog, and so much more. I felt like a butterfly that had been let out of a jar and definitely let out of my comfort zone because I am so lazy to learn anything about technology. I feel like the butterfly represents me in the fact that I have grown from a small cocoon in the beginning to semester until now the end of the semester. I have become a full-grown butterfly and I am able to spread my wings and use the useful information I have learned here and adapt it into my everyday life. You can say that because of this class I have become a “tech nerd” in some odd way. I actually enjoy going on my laptop for things other than Facebook and checking my AOL e-mail.

I also have a Macbook Air at home that me, myself wasn’t completely familiar with all the amenities it has including programs such as Photoshop, iPhoto, PhotoBooth, and the elusive digital HD camera. I learned how to make videos in video player and other programs and edit my ugly-looking saturday morning face in photoshop like the photographers to do the models to make them look extra skinny. LOL. I basically learned so much and I enjoyed the DS106 activity which opened up a new window of learning how to use the program Soundcloud which I have never used before and I am a happy and proud user of it. This digital voice recorder has helped me to  have fun and aid me in altering my voice and doing other funny things. Photoshop helped me to  basically change the imaging quality and fix things that I never even knew I could.

So now its the end of the semester and today is our maker faire to display our ideas for the future, etc. I feel so wonderful after a great four weeks of class and meeting some very interesting and great people who I will always keep ties with. I have learned that I can do anything I want, I just have to put my mind to it. Now that this course is over, I’m not going to lie, I will really miss it and look forward to coming to class and being happy and learning more and more. This is just the beginning.


The link to my personal blog is as follows:


Thank you so much everyone for such a wonderful class and being great and helpful class mates. You guys really rock and I hope it’s a truly wonderful summer for everyone =)


Edumaaaa punkedddd :O

I watched a video entitled, “A vision of students today” and I was so saddened to see what was going on in the video.  A quote that stood out to me that was probably written on the wall by a bored college student:

“if these walls could talk, what would they say?”

Imagine, that’s how tortured and bored college students are in class and how they suffer alongside not learning and learning in a way thats different and approachable to them.

This video really stood out to me in so many ways. I was hooked from started to finish and this video speaks the truth about those in debt after graduation, those are not 100 percent certain if they will have a job in the future, those students who are there with their laptop in class but don’t even pay attention because they are on Facebook majority of the time.

The video showed me the boredom these college students endure. Most of them are there and payed for their course but they are not really fully PRESENT there. They sit there probably because they are told that college is a great thing and that if you don’t have ab Bachelor of Arts degree after approxiamately four years you are nothing. That is not how we should be taught and our mindset in society is so different nowadays that it is totally different.

I personally feel that this video has enlightened me and proved to me that we are all feeling the same yet different about college and our degrees and our future endeavors in life. I hope one day our mindset changes and we are not left hostage as prisoners in our society. I hope that one day debt wouldn’t exist and that education could be afforable for every single person. I hope for many things but it would take more than an army to get to where I feel society should be.


So what now?

TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY, TECHNOLOGY!!!! That’s what I feel would really help society and I think that others would agree with me on this one. Technology helps people come together and also sets them apart. However, it really is something that I can personally say helped me to learn a lot about the world and how to use different programs that I have never used in my life like Sound Cloud and even Youtube and Flickr. These programs have really opened my mind to something brand new and showed me that as a future educator, I can incorporate the use of technology heavily into my teaching so not only can I make it fun but I can feel that the students would want to use it and enjoy it because, I was once an elementary student and now I’m on the road to becoming something which is my life-long dream and I don’t want to mess it up. I want my teaching as a teacher to be fun and joyful and I feel that by incorporating 100 percent personality, a dash of sarcasm and playfulness and a load of technology, the recipe for future success will be fantastic.

This is the video that got my head spinning and thinking so many things. It’s so addictivee. You will keep watching because, its the honest truth and many can relate to things that have happened. I’m glad that there is a video that enlightens everyone and talks about taboos that many are afraid to discuss.




One day I hope college students are happy and genuinely they are happy and they look something like this:


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Just for fun (LOL) you will see why

Hey everyone I was having too much fun using the meme generator site and made two memes you may enjoy  Check it out =):

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Maker plan Idea

So my idea for maker plan is something I feel could be of great use to everyone. Below is a picture of a normal trashcan that you can see everyday pretty much any where. I sat down at my computer desk everyday and sometimes I am so lazy to throw my trash out. It’s funny because I’m an extremely clean and organized person. However, i do feel that theee could be a helpful reminder of when to take out my trash.:)

Now, my other ideas for my maker plan include some labeling, etc. I will update you on this process a little later on.

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Feedback responses from Mel Chua


So I asked the class two important questions about Mel’s video and also response, etc.

So the replies all came together to say the following:

1) How do you feel about hacking?

– Majority of answers include that hacking is different and something that is not known to most students but educators. Results show that hacking is a 50/50 in opinion. Some like the idea, others don’t.

2) Do you feel that hacking could benefit today’s society?

For this question, I made it multiple choice to hear full and honest opinion. It stated that people said no and yes. 3 votes for yes and 2 for no.

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Ignite Talk Saturday with Mel Chua


I had a bit of difficulty understanding what she was saying at first. To be completely honest, I had to re-watch this video twice to really get a grasp of what she was saying. However, Mel Chua is a very interesting and quite unique individual.  To me, she stands out from the rest because what she discuesses in her video is a little different than a lot of things.


A little about Mel Chua:

Mel Chua is a contagiously enthusiastic hacker, writer, and educator with over a decade of teaching and curriculum development experience and a solid track record in leadership positions at Red Hat, One Laptop Per Child, Sugar Labs, Fedora, and other Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) communities. Currently based at Purdue University, she bridges academic research on successful communities with deep personal experience getting her hands dirty building them.  She loves loves loves hacking into  things especially hardware as well as software. She also considers herself a major geek. She also enjoys learning about learning and teaching herself new hacker qualities,etc./ Her teaching style is geeky mixed with wacky which is so unique in today’s society. I thought that she was pretty cool.

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dGZaX3NmZDRKNmVIQk9kUnJLaHJKOGc6MQ” width=”580-” height=”1263″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]

My reaction to this steady flow of knowledge/ course- (Bumper my course)

So I was thinking about this course since the first day of class. It’s one of the most refreshing courses that I have actually taken in a long time. This helps me to understand how I can make use of digital technology and implement that into my daily life. I feel that by the use of this technology, it has open my eyes to new programs I have never touched, including iPhoto, Photoshop, iMovie, Photobooth, and other programs including Sound Cloud, Tumblr and Flickr. I never knew how to distort images or blur them to my satisfaction. I never knew how to do anything really that dealt with editing or video clip arrangement. I learned so much and I continue to learn every day with the creative assignments that are uploaded to the site not just from me but from my creative classmates and professor. I enjoy it and I feel that this course is extremely worthwhile to take.


The classroom can be fun with interactive teacher student technology lessons=)

My digital storytelling for the future kiddies of America =)

I am doing a double major including English as well as Early Childhood Education. My goal is to become a 2nd grade teacher. I love children and I always want them to implement their thoughts and creativity through any means necessary whether it includes writing, singing, sports, whatever may be the case. Today, our world has been heavily influenced by social media and digital ways of expressing one’s inner emotions as well as thoughts.By incorporating fun techniques such as using the internet at a young age, some children may  have a great way to express themselves and learn about the world and the unlimited technology it offers.  I would definitely like to incorporate some type of digital knowledge that I feel should be mandatory for parents to work with their children and teach them. After all, the world is based a lot on digital media and effects nowadays anyways. So this would be a plus.

I would want their assignment to be to work with their parent, older sister, brother or uncle who is over sixteen who understands digital storytelling or how to make media in general and help their child to pic their favorite childhood memory.  Then, they would have to edit that picture to show some type of before and after behavior of their favorite picture or memory. This idea serves as a bonding situation for the parent/guardian as well as the child. It’s very sweet.