Not the END of Teaching with Multimedia.

Before the first day of class I thought I knew what technology was, but apparently I was a new duck as malikaaaa =) puts it.

Prior to this class the role of my computer in my life was for

  • Use of Microsoft word (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc) for papers, lab reports, presentations, you name it.
  • Check Yorkmail + Hotmail
  • Online Shopping to spoil the kiddo’s and sometimes spoil myself (big fan of Groupon, Zulily, etc)
  • Checking world news through MSN, AOL, Yahoo, CNN
  •  and lastly watching videos on youtube

Who doesn’t like a bullet list. These are some of the things that I will never neglect and will continue to cultivate throughout my future career.

  • Technology is essential to life as we know it because a variety of sources keeps us informed and uninformed.  I speak only the truth, to some of us its like second nature.  We use it daily, its part of us.
  • Technology is important because now with our new blogs, like mine, melizabethc we can keep others informed, criticize the work of others or speak highly of them too. One good example is Jim Grooms,  Edupunk, and Michael Wesch, “Ed Parkour“.
  • Technology keeps us interconnected so we are able to share information.  For example TEDxNYED, “TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading”
  • Technology, it helps us build tools that support our teaching methods. Like our Maker’s Projects,that will be shown in tomorrow fair and broadcasted live.  In addition Digital Storytelling, Finding Connections, Collaborative drawings, etc.

I’m glad that this experience was not like AC101, which was a little fun, but not as fun as this class.  AC230 has broadened my view and shown me that there are many tools that makes technology unique.  The fact is I have never blogged, utilized photoshop, iMovie, and Garageband.  Now that the course if over I feel that I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and information.

Honestly, every single blog that we wrote in response to Prof. Smiths blogs were enlightening.  I never expected to learn so much from this course.

I will continue to blog for the rest of the summer and hopefully the fall ( 🙁 sometimes it gets too hectic for me) nevertheless I will try to blog at least once a week.  Seems like this is not the end of my blogging days.

Thank you fellow classmates, Prof. Smith and AC230.

Best wishes to you all.

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I Bumper This

I didn’t realize that I didn’t indicate which images I contributed to the bumper drawing. So here they are.  Most speak for themselves but the one that I thought was important is the one where education is being highlighted in the dictionary. There can be many ways that education can be defined but one thing that I thought a dictionary should include is that technology is also a part of education.  Dictionaries should have an update option.

Things we would miss out on if individuals didn’t create and invent wonderful tools.

I was inspired by Prof. Smith to share a few cell samples from a previous biology course I took, hope you enjoy. I think they are real pieces of art work.

Mammal Adipose Tissue [400x]

Cell containing lipids (fat cells) in this figure have been stained with Sudan III dye. As we can observe adipose tissues indicate how lipids accumulate in cells.  In red is droplet containing lipid.


Potato Tuber Starch Grains [1000x oil ]

Plant tissue stores starch (polysaccharides) within the cytoplasm in the forms of granules. These cells have been stained with Periodic acid-Schiff stain this results in pink/purple stained starch. We observed some cells contain more than a few granules. Cell membrane is stained green.


Mammal colon goblet cells, mucous sec mc & h [100x]

The lining cells of the nose and other mucus secreting locations have compounds called mucopolysaccharide, which are glycoproteins. Mucopolysacharides in this figure are observed by the color red because it has been stained with Periodic acid-Schiff.

Teach, Learn, Explore, Reinvent with Technology

“Lets start back at where it came out of.  It came out of a post that was just basically a rant about blackboard and blackboard’s new logic of NG and that they’re going to kind of occupy and colonize the web 2.0 world . . . The logic to me was why are we doing all this cool stuff only to have it incorporated and taken out from under us by a big corporation’s that are basically claiming web 2.0 now new age stuff and the fact is that people have been doing it like this for years. I mean this doesn’t start with anyone person or doesn’t start with any one logic and the idea of edupunk as an approach makes sense, the D.I.Y kind of build your own spaces. . .To me it was the fact  that people were responding to it and mass, and that they were excited about it or pissed off about it. . . there was obviously a really deep rooted reaction to a term that quickly became a concept”  Jim Groom

This interesting and informative video, I had to share with you, as it was something that I traced back to February 23, 2009 (almost close to a year after the term Edupunk was introduced). Here Gerry Bayne, Educause Multimedia Producer was in search of what Edupunk really was, definition.

Then I came across Jim Groom at Kansas State University: 2012 a more recent video where Jim Groom presented his thought on Ed Parkour, technology and education.  But before Jim Groom spoke, Michael Wesch introduced the term “Ed Parkour”.  So there I was very interested in knowing what Edparkour was, I googled it even before Michael Wesch finished his thought on it.  I found their website I roamed around and found out who “edparkour” was

Ed Parkour is not a person or a movement.  It is people on the move.  In parkour, the structures of the world are not taken as they were meant, but how they might be used.  Walls, obstacles, and barriers become objects to be leveraged, harnessed, and sometimes altered.  The practitioner of parkour sees the world as a playground of possibility.  Likewise, the practitioner of Ed Parkour tries to leverage and harness the “walls” and “structures” that try to control learning.  Ed Parkour is learning around, over, and outside the walls.

 And those people whom do parkour are traceurs. Are you a traceur?

This quote, struck me because it made me reflect on the notion of reinventing my future lesson plans, and doing it in a creative way so that it can be fun to my students and although there will be “walls, obstacles, and barriers” (gov’t laws and rules that control education) these mentioned will never stop my “educational-a-game”.

I connected this thought of “Ed Parkour” with Prof. Smith “imagine what it might be like to stay uncomfortable with your teaching, to recognize you need to continue to work on reinventing your educational-a-game. That the hard work will never stop and shouldn’t ever stop it just transforms – that’s edupunk.”

Seriously all of us in this room, want to become educators not only because we were inspired by teacher’s  and so on, but because we want to make a change in a child’s life and better prepare them to be “knowledge-able” and knowledgable at the same time.

“This need to move from having students just be knowledgeable, like knowing a bunch of stuff to actually being knowledge-able that is actually be able to navigate this new space to find information, sort it, analyze It, criticize it and ultimately create new information and knowledge”   Michael Wesch

In reflection to our maker’s project that is due this coming week,  it was more than a assignment with a due date, it was an assignment that broadened my view on technology. Like when I could use it, how I could use it, and for what purpose.  For that matter, it and all the other assignment that I completed did this.  They were fun, creative, informative, enlightening, and something very new to my knowledge that I would not have learned on my own time.  Without technology, media and all the public websites out there, we the people would not be able to learn, teach,network, respond, and explore beyond our local horizons.  Although my maker’s project is based on someone else’s idea I was able to get the concept, change it, reinvent it so that it works in my classroom.

Teachers whom are not willing to constantly change, transform, progress, with creativity would indicate that he or she is not serving the purpose of what an educators role is in society, which itself is always evolving (listen to Michael Wesch Timeline and you’ll know what I’m referring to).

And I’ll end with this thought on Edupunk with a video source that also hit me, Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill creativity? where he states,

“What TED celebrates is the gift of the human imagination. We have to be careful now, that we use this gift wisely, and that we advert some of the scenarios that we’ve talked about and the only way we’ll do it is by seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are and seeing our children for the hope that they are. And our task is to educate their whole being so that they can face this future. By the way we may not see this future, but they will and our job is to help them make something of it.”  Sir Ken Robinson

Chris Lawrence Video- Poll Results

So I’ll begin by revealing my thoughts to my own questions before I read yours.

Question 1:  Is summer an appropriate season for this “Party”?

Me: First and foremost, I think that the whole idea of a party is great, but summer is my special favorite season. Not only because I usually host a bbq birthday party for myself and my daughter in the beach or at a water park or even in a pool, but because It can be amazingly HOT.  To make my point, as hot as it was today 96 degrees.  To be honest I dread having to be home when its this hot out.  I’de rather be on the beach under my large umbrella and enjoying the oceans cool breeze or swimming.  You probably think I’m a little too selfish, but that’s just my thought.  Just to show that I am not that selfish I have registered to attend Hive NYC Summer Code Party Pop-Up with Tumblr and Mozilla (Free).

According to the feedback I obtained, all of you disagreed with me nevertheless I value your feedback.

Questions 2: Do you think it’s a great idea to allow teenagers to participate in this kind of “Party”?

Me:  Yes of course, why not?.  I believe the input of their knowledge of technology or any other topic is very valuable.  Many young adults are sharing videos on how to ___ through youtube.  I think It’s great that parties like this one are available.  I anticipate that teenagers may at first be intimidated to participate because of the many adult experts, but this is where it’s the hosts duty and other adults to find ways to engage them in a fun, collaborative, and exciting manner so that they feel welcomed and not rejected. To close, both can learn from each other, sometimes a new, fresh perspective on a topic is what is needed to achieve utmost productivity.

A few responses were:

  • “Yes, because it’s a chance to change their perception of learning that can last throughout their whole life. Teenagers are teenagers and may have some dumb moments but I think if they have good security and its organized in a strategic way even teenagers can have a fun and awesome time. Not all teenagers are bad and not all are on the same level so this opens doors to opportunity and great motivation and interest for a better learning experience”.
  • “Sure it’s a good idea, except teenagers can easily drift from the main picture: which is to still be learn from these experiences. (BTW the Little Maker looks really neat)=)”.
  • “I definitely think that this party is the kind of party your parents would want you to grow up in. The problem with this I think is that kids would only be invited when they know someone what about an outkast child. Learning party idea is an awesome idea thought I think. Its great because learning can be structured at the same time I feel that the “party” idea is a very social affair but that only brings social kind of people into these parties. For learning and students who want to learn this is stuff is amazing!”
  • “Of course it’s a good idea, kind of a silly question actually! What I find would be interesting is to foster the hosting of parties by the individuals rather than the organization. Is that happening? How about you? Would you host a ‘party’ around building and creating. That would be a good idea.”

After reading the seven responses, I found everyone agreed with the idea.  Although many did not say why, and I don’t blame you, I did not require further explanation.  It certainly is a inspiring, new, reinvented “PARTY” idea and it should be happening.  The most exciting and interesting part is that this kind of party is one that would be hosted by an individual (as someone mentioned) rather than an organization, so wonderful things can be created because there is no strict agenda to follow.  I myself would like to host one, but I’m still in the process of learning new and exciting things through this course.  In addition I do not know enough people that are computer experts so my party would be a complete failure.

Again thank you, I appreciate your input on this topic.

Youth and The Hive Learning Network, NYC


Chris Lawrence introduces Mozilla Hive “PARTY” in this video.  Lawrence is project director of the Hive Learning Network NYC at New Youth City Learning Network.  I visited his Linkedin profile and was shocked that he started of with a career in music industry and switched to a better suited one in educational technology.  Another thing he mentions in his profile is his huge interest in museums, this is not only said, but obvious according to his lengthy line of work in museums .

Its amazing that Blogs spots and Twitter are really going viral.  Hive Learning Network NYC is maintained by Chris Lawrence team of expertise. I visited their website Explore + Create + Share today and was blown away by a Explainers as Designers: Teens Creating Phone Apps.  Back when I was teenager I would be in front of my computer (mobile technology merely existed) playing race games, call me a tomboy, but I used to love to race. In todays world, kids are making apps. How neat.  Now, in light of all this technology available there are educational “Parties” that adults and young children can attend.  One event that my son and I will enjoy is Little Maker at New York Hall of Science this summer.

Now we believe in NYC with Hive NYC that networks, that bringing people together, with passion, with shared interests, with shared believes is a great way to have a great party and have great parties thrown all the time. So building affinity  groups, professionals, and youth that want to build.  So friends, some of our members of Point and Dream Yard, they get together and they have parties they know each other, they want to play together.  That’s what we need to do.


Today I’de like to announce something that I think is going to be exciting this summer  and that is that Mozilla and Hive are going to bring together a whole culture of people who are going to spend the whole summer thinking about coding and building web makers in the kitchen backyards in libraries and those kinds of places.

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Yummy Delights Video


I can’t stress is enough that anything created is done on a trial and error process. I have learned this firsthand from the video shown above.  As you have seen my cell didn’t exactly compare to Se7en’s perfect cell model.

First I went to the candy store and although, I went there with a plan I ended up buying more than what I was going to use.  Next I went home and prepared the jello which is the foundation of the model.  I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one person in our class does not know how to make jello. Hey I didn’t until my son was about one and a half and I ran out of things (food in particular) to introduce him to. 🙂 . Steps to making jello are

  1. boil one cup of water
  2. dispense all of the jello package into the boiling water
  3. mix until all jello grains are dissolved
  4. immediately add one cup of cold water
  5. pour into desired bowl and refrigerate

These instructions can also be found in the jello package.

I used my imagination, a biology book and started to visualize the organelles according to images.  This was very helpful.

The negative aspect of this project is the lack of assorted color candy in the market. another negative, is the color I chose for the jello next time I think I’ll use yellow (somatic cell) and green (plant cell). Lastly, another negative part is that I am not a HUGE candy fan so I didn’t get to eat much. 🙁 .

One a brighter note, I will keep working and have open mind to what I can do to make my education tool work better the next time around.

One Shot: Cell division

Subject: Cell division (mitosis)

Aim: What are the five phases of mitosis (somatic cells).

Summary: In inspiration of DS106, One shot project I completed, As a future high school teacher of biology, I would create the same assignment for my class to make, but this time around only involving cell division.  Remixing, reshaping, cropping a one shot image of each process of the cell division is a creative way for the students to engage to both technology and their aim for that day, which is to learn about the the phases of mitosis cell division. like this,



My English has gozen bezer over ze years

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

The level of difficulty is without a doubt a two star. I did not know where to begin at first, but then remembered that my computer had “Garage Band“. I opened it for the first time since I bought my notebook back in 2010.  Wow I know. Technology is amazing. The most difficult part was saving it into AAC.  At first I thought I would just save it as AAC when “Save As” was clicked, but sadly that was not the case.  I had to click on “Share” and then click on “Send song to itunes” where it would automatically save it as AAC version. The less difficult part was adding my audio to Sound Cloud and then posting it.

This being said I recorded myself speaking English with a Russian accent by inspiration of DS106, May I take your order? audio project.  While recording this clip, I thought about my father and his german,  russian, polish, uruguayan, argentinian accents. He’s such a character.  Over the years I have found to be doing the same when I read to my son. It’s crazy how unknowingly educators also change their voice when reading to young children.  It grabs their attention, makes them giggle, makes it fun.

Who Said Pacifiers Were Only for Babies

yellow doggy pacifier

Inspirational DS106, splash the color assignment was not so much challenging to computer savvy’s .  I for one are not and I immediately opened a video tutorial: splash the color. I found it very, very, very helpful.  Above is my loving, adorable, very active pet Lily.  This picture was one of the pictures that I took when  I first brought her home.  Another picture that I was inspired to do is this one below.  I call it One Rose Among Many Roses. I think I might have actually mastered  this assignment.