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Hello to everyone! A little about myself....I am currently majoring in Bilingual Childhood Education and I will be entering my 4th semester once the Fall semester begins. I graduated BMCC in Jan of 2011 with a degree in Liberal Arts... Everyday I try to do my best in everything and maintain a positive mind in order to move forward and fulfill my goals. Although I feel like I've been on the college path for an eternity, I've realized for me, "steady and slow wins the race" :) I love tropical places and I hate pollution! Hope to island and country hop with my family one day:) Good luck to all, in all that you do!

My final thoughts on AC230 and blogging

Here is my Blog.

This is how I thought I would end up feeling before I ever started AC230, by just knowing it was “some computer class like 4 hours long in the summer”:

This is how I feel now, to say (express) the least:

Before I started the class, I really thought that it was going to be some boring computer class that would either try to teach me things that I already knew, or things that I would never use again.  I was totally wrong. I will really say that the things I have learned in this class has actually had more of an impression on me than many other classes I have had (yes a bit sad in a way, I know).  This is the first time I have actually blogged and used any type of photo editing, photoshop, youtube video making programs.  I wasn’t even thinking I would use any of that any time soon and less in this class.  Again, I was wrong; but it’s good to be wrong sometimes.  I love the way Professor Smith went about creating ideas for our posts and providing some info/guidelines for us to do so.  There were a couple of times where I did’t know how to use a certain program, but I had fun playing with it and worked my way around things and got it done! What was even more neat, was that I was kind of waiting eagerly to see what the next post woule be about.  I also enjoyed commenting on everyones posts and seeing how much feedback I was getting on mines.  I was checking my email more than the 3 or 4x’s daily I was already used to doing.  It’s great to be able to have a network of people that can share similar interersts, or even of they don’t, they can contribute new ideas and give feedback on something that you’re working on.  I can go on forever about how much I have really enjoyed this class and doing all the things we have done…

I have gotten a lot more than expected from this class.  I have realized by taking this class, that there is a lot more than just going out there in the classrooms and just talking, talking, talking. There’s endless things that one can do and teachers can learn as they go along.  Learning is a process for everyone, it’s endless, a continuous circle that widens as one continues to transform his/herself.  Transformation, adjustments, contributions and change are things that will help one help others. One can never be “Comfortable” once you become “comfortable” as an educator, then the rest is history.

Thanks to professor Smith, my fellow classmates and all the feedback, ideas, and comments, I am now more “comfortable” with knowing that I will need to be “uncomfortable” as a future teacher and in order to reach all the goals I have set up to reach=)

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Digital Story Telling; Taking a look at yourself.

Digital Storytelling is a wonderful way to get students engaged in the classroom and to allow them to make something in a non-traditional way.  Technology is all around us and it will become more vital in the classroom as time passes by.

My idea for a digital story telling project (k-6) would be to ask my students to write down how they would like to see themselves and perhaps their favorite places or things and what they would like to be when they grow up. They can bring a current picture of themselves and we will scan it, save it and use it to digitally enhance it..=)

This picture that I edited is how I saw myself and envisioned myself while I was doing this.I was envisioning myself in colder weather lol, hint, the snow falling. I also like black and white pictures more than I do color, because I guess I value old things, like items, and this looks like something than could be old.  I also like the fact that It’s not clear, which is what I intended for it to look like because it shows a bit of mysteriousness which is how I see myself sometimes when I’m super quiet and focused.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, in the end the little details go along way when analyzed.  Which is what I would like my students to realize, that the little things that are done and the effort put into things, creates a bigger picture.  =)
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My maker plan revised: The shoebox of union and education

I have given some thought to my original maker plan and decided that it didn’t suit my real interests and probably those of my future students; so I came up with something much better and I think this is it! To begin with, I’m a bilingual childhood education major (Spanish). So, I’ve been to many classrooms where sometimes kids can be a little mean to each other when another child/student doesn’t know English well or even vice versa.  So in order to try and have the children appreciate other languages other than their native one and to also have a little fun learning and practicing while they are doing it, I (my husband helped me so I will credit him too) came up with the shoebox and story booklet project/ activity.  I will create a nice colorful shoebox which will be filled with little papers.  These little papers will have a phrase or word written on it. Each paper will have it written in both languages (Spanish and English), so that the native English speaker will learn Spanish, and the Native Spanish speaker will be learning and practicing English. :). I will go around with the box, they will pick a paper and read it out loud. They will be provided with little hand made booklets or they can make it themselves, so after they pick the word and read it thea can write it in both languages in their little booklets.  This will be a weekly activity, if not every other day, so they can fill up their little booklets and at the end of the year they can make a story book with all the words that they have in their booklet.  :). One more thing, I do realize that as a public school teacher the classroom is very diverse at times, so if there are students that speak a language other than English or Spanish, I will ask for them to contribute a word from their language:)

This activity will hopefully help each student interact, learn and appreciate other languages in order to lessen the barriers that are sometimes encountered in bilingual classrooms.  I will post a video later on today:)


Results of my Ignite Talk survey

Upon looking at the results of my poll, I was excited to see the feedback that I received.  There are many good ideas and interesting points that some bloggers made=)  I got mix results on answers to the questions and there are some points and views that were made that have stuck to me.  Here’s a few: “You have to know your community and find a way to attract whether it is through dance, learning a language or something of that sort.  Libraries have to get out and get involved, market what they are offering and offer things to attract the people around them”.   I totally agree with this.  I personally don’t remember the last time that I saw a flyer or something posted anywhere about libraries in my neighborhood.  Sadly the youth of today mostly ignores places like a library, it is not the “cool place” to hang out at.  But if there are much more activities and programs available at all local libraries, then parents could take their children even before they begin reading themselves so that way they can hopefully continue to do so as they grow up.  Another good comment that someone made was that “the library needs to find ways to enter the community more than look for the community to come to them”.  Another blogger made an interesting and true point “that not all locations offer such programs”.  Also, he/she travels about a mile and a half to visit the Brooklyn central library.  I love the fact that someone can still travel that far to visit a library.  Awesome! But at the same time, there should be a library that offers many things that the Brooklyn central library offers closer to that persons home.

I do feel that there are libraries that offer many activities and that perhaps they are not putting it out there, however, we need to try to get involved and get out there especially for those of us that have children and for all of us that will be future educators.  Perhaps a good idea (that just came to me) is for educators and schools in general to have more trips to libraries.  Also to find out more information on activities available in libraries in order to inform students and parents about it=)

The results of my survey in the blog were interesting and most of all it’s great to see once again what others have to say.  It turns on a light bulb and makes me want to blog more!

Listen, think and reflect: On the Ignite Talk

So, I watched my video #15 from the Ignite Talks from the 2012 Digital Media and Learning Conference.  The video that I watched was on a talk from Heather Braum.  I did a little research on her to find out who she is, her interests and what she does for a living and came across her web page.  She is a technology librarian at the Northeast Kansas Library System and states that she received her MLS at Emporia State University and says that she is a third generation librarian.  The video is below and I will now touch on a few points that I found interesting for different reasons.  I am going to provide the exact time points (hopefully) of the exacts moments that I would like you all to listen to.[youtube]http://youtu.be/Wbr9jh28npU[/youtube]

There are a few quotes that I found interesting; the first quote being “Libraries are much much more than books and are now the communities hubs”.  The second quote is “Through the library sutter for lifelong learning, library patrons experience computer, ebay, art, crafting, gardening and baking classes as well as, knitting, scrabble, cooking and book clubs”.   The last quote is “Throughout our lives we seek knowledge and information.  Throughout our lives we learn.  Throughout our lives we turn to our libraries to continue learning.  How is your local library doing this”?

[iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dFkxVnFfaG5Fam94dHdtaWNoNFFIQXc6MQ” width=”580″ height=”706″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″]

To the rescue: My maker plan

So, I’ve been giving quite some thought to what I would like to built and what I think my future k-6 classroom will find interesting and how it can help them.  I got the idea of making a mini first aid kit. Which can be viewed here.  I have some other ideas in mind but for now, I’m leaning more towards this one.  This is something that can be very useful, as it contains things that children will need in case of a bad boo, and phone numbers that they need in case they get lost or of an emergency.  The best is that since it’s small enough to fit in a book bag so it’always with them:) In Grant Potters video, I loved how he gives so many examples of connections between values and education, most importantly he shows that education needs to be valued by all.


This is my audio part of the Assignment. I decided to use the “seen but not heard” idea from the ds106 website.  This pretty much consists of uploading a funny audio clip of a movie or soundtrack and listener hear it and try to figure out where it comes from…….=) Enjoy!


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Me as Kitty! Visual Assignment!

This assignment is the visual part of Fat Cats Make Better Art History Assignments
So, this is the first time doing this type of digital work (as with many of the other things that we have done in class so far)!. Well, at first I didn’t know exactly what picture I would choose although I knew I wanted to put my face on a cool pic.  Well, I used fotoflexer and got right to it.=) So I put my face on a kitty pic, and there we have it..


I think this is something that students will love to learn in k-12.  If I enjoyed it because I learned how to do something new, I’m sure children will enjoy because it’s creative and most students especially young children love to use their creativity.