The Final Round To A Great Class in AC230!

As students we all take classes because it’s part of the core requirements or because in any shape or form we need the credits to fulfill. As I looked at the name of the class Teaching with Multimedia, I must say I had my own idea of what the class would be like. I had this notion or idea that we would be creating PowerPoint slides or learning how to familiarize ourselves with some technological items currently being used in classrooms today such as Smart Boards or online gradebooks. I also thought it would probably familiarize us with new applications for teaching techniques or teaching us how to utilize the web as a resource.  To my surprise, I wasn’t even close. This class during the 4 short weeks has opened my mind to taking on my new career in a completely different angle. Its help me think outside the box as well as express my views, my philosophy and simply believe that it all starts with your own approach. We all need to make something and work with what we have. Its about being creative and taking action of your next step. As professor Smith mentioned to us in class, its very simple for one to coast and become complacent, but we need to challenge ourselves to not only keep our creative juices flowing, but to pass that along to our future students. As future educators we may not be able to change the world, rather you can set a different twist and angle and as learned in this course, blog about it, make connections and be heard.

The videos we were assigned to watch, the Ted Talks we were asked to analyze and all other videos watched throughout the four weeks certainly had one common theme; the reinvention of education.  Technology is part of everyone’s daily life and as teachers it is crucial that students understand how to use it not only for the purposes of learning from it but learning by creating forums that create learning spaces for their own knowledge.

“We are entering the new age of education that is programmed for discovery rather than education”

I did not have anything from the course that I found not to be useful nor interesting given that I learned so much and gained more than I anticipated based on my description above on what I thought this class would be about.  One major thing that I learned is that is just if not more important to learn by doing, than to learn by watching and that is what I expect to take to my future students.

Cheers to a great class! Have a great summer everyone!





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3 thoughts on “The Final Round To A Great Class in AC230!

  1. Sesh,

    “Technology is part of everyone’s daily life and as teachers it is crucial that students understand how to use it not only for the purposes of learning from it.” This is the truest.

  2. I agree. I like that the course made evaluate important topics concerning education and we were able to “talk” about it through this medium which is the internet.

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