The end of the road…or just the beginning?

When I fiirst signed up for this class I thought we would be learning about how to use a smartboard and projector etc. Thank god it was something completely different than what I originally thought. Little did I know that I would learn essential aspects which would help me better communicate with my future students using the internet and various other technological aspects as a medium.  I can honestly say that the $500 I spent on this class was worth it. The reason being that I have learned things that I can apply in teaching pedagogy but also in my own personal life–not many courses can do that.

We all know that communication is the most vital in teaching and this course showed us many ways to communicate an idea with peers and or future students. This by far is the most important aspect I appreciated in the course. I cannot think of something being of least importance, everything we learned seemed to have some practical use. FInally, I got more out of this class than I originally intended I would get. I mean, we have a fair tomorrow as a final…how awesome is that?!! lol

Some how and some way this class was entertaining and informative and many other things. Here is the link to my blog. Lets keep on keeping on!!

3 thoughts on “The end of the road…or just the beginning?

  1. Angel,

    It truly is “just the beginning” because the road to multimedia, technology and maker culture has just begun, at least for me and I honestly valued the knowledge gained here.

    -Rey Awesome

  2. This is so awesome and I do agree with what you said lol..i thought it was going to be the same thing as well. Haha. have a great summer =)

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