makers project finished product!

Ok so here is my makers project video in which i go over the steps for the Styrofoam air conditioner i made. I can’t wait to show it off at the fair tomorrow, and hopefully you’ll want to make one yourself.


1. Styrofoam cooler: about $3

2. ventilation fan: $15 from home depot

3. Recycled water bottles:keep frozen

4. an old or used 3 power cable: (example; old laptop charger)

5. wired knots, a box cutter, a screw driver, and black electric tape


4 thoughts on “makers project finished product!

  1. Mdrid,

    This is amazing, this is what being a maker’s all about! What a process, you worked hard and deserve many compliments for your efforts! GREAT PROJECT!

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  3. Very “cool” project idea.

    How long does the ice last? Could you feel a difference in the room temperature? Did you need to add anything like a drain to catch the condensating moisture?

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