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jogo da roleta do silvio santos

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Hello to everyone! A little about myself....I am currently majoring in Bilingual Childhood Education and I will be entering my 4th semester once the Fall semester begins. I graduated BMCC in Jan of 2011 with a degree in Liberal Arts... Everyday I try to do my best in everything and maintain a positive mind in order to move forward and fulfill my goals. Although I feel like I've been on the college path for an eternity, I've realized for me, "steady and slow wins the race" :) I love tropical places and I hate pollution! Hope to island and country hop with my family one day:) Good luck to all, in all that you do!


  1. Christine, I can’t wait to see your project at the faire, this is great for bilingual education! I like the idea of it very much, it really came together, great sugar!

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