The Reinvention of yourself


Reinventing yourself in education is a difficult task because you have to realize that you need to improve then you have to care about your craft and care for those whose material you are given. you have to care more about people then you care about just collecting a check and meeting the status quo.


Hard work ,sacrifice, and to chase a dream helps with reinventing your self as a teacher and you will leave a lasting impact and legacy as a teacher with your students even if your work goes unrecognized by your employer and fellow staff members.


As a teacher

As part of a teacher job to stay motivated in teaching their students is motivating themselves to present the information to the students in a way which you have been teaching it. This change may take place because of the changing times and how the children absorb the information. We live in a day and era where technology is more prevalent than ever so a teacher has to challenge his or herself to come up with a way different from how they are used to in order to deliver the knowledge . This is a tough task but times is always changing so why not the teachers them selves. Teachers get complacent with teaching the curriculum how they have been teaching the subject mater for years and you may see some growth within those first couple of years but taper off because the disconnect between how you deliver the knowledge of your subject matter and the younger generations who you have to present the subject matter to.


keep yourself as a teacher current with the times which means you are not just a teacher but a student as well because you are constantly learning also.

how badly do you want success as a teacher, is it satisfying and success in just knowing that you have delivered the same material for so long the same way or struggled to find new way to teach and keep children connected with the material…keep the hunger from within to always reinvent yourself and strive for success.