Attention Class!

For the maker faire, I will be providing the class with metal sheet, tea lights, and matches, but if you wish to make yourself a portable heater, you totally need to bring an altoids container or any metal container of your own! 

It is encouraged you go home with one of these awesome gadgets, you can utilize them practically anywhere!

  • Camp
  • Hiking Trip
  • Home
  • Bus Stop

YOU NAME IT, the fun is in the making!


3 thoughts on “Attention Class!

  1. This is awesome, reyawesome. lol that rhymed I will definitely need one this summer since its just began. I can’t wait I’m setting some things up myself. Can’t wait !!

  2. k, don’t forget to bring yourself an alto ids container!! I’ll have a sample you guys can build from though you won’t be able to take it home-

  3. Rey,

    I’m super excited to show our Maker off to the class, I’m sure they all will be ready to create their own.

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