AC 230 final reflection

When i started AC230 i thought it was going to be the typical learn different software and programs on the computer which i won’t use after the class and isn’t ideal for everyday life. When i took AC 101 i learned different software and hardware on the computers which is good but is not really practical because it is not something i need to necessarily know on my job and if it is i can google it on the computer.


Fortunately and contrary to AC101, AC230 was a breathe of fresh air to what i can actually use on my everyday walk of life to advance myself and become better at my profession. AC230 uses social sites and blogging to stay connected to what current in your field and how to stay relevant and innovative in your field. Who wants to be the old teacher who can’t relate to what the students are going through because over the years they have disconnected with whats relevant in the field.As a teacher you want to know how to present information and teach to the newer generations and what is the newest effective way to keep students interest so they can use the information in their lives in practical situations.


AC 230 has taught be to sum it all up keep reinventing my self in my prospective career path as a teacher, to stay motivated and connected via professional blogs which can help expand my ideas and receive feedback from other professionals which will help me improve where i am weak at. This is relevant for all times because i can apply this to anything i do in life because we all want to be the best at what we do and with help and feedback there is always room to grow and evolve with the changing times. Professor Smith i believe is very cool and he is one of many people who will help change the world.


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I'm 6'2 215, african american physical education major who attends cuny york college. My goal for this semester is to gain more proficiency in computers and technology and be able to incorporate the use of this knowledge to my prospective career and make advancements.