A New Awakening

Truly I can’t  find the words to describe my new found excitement for technology and how it can be used in the classroom.  I feel a sense of liberation and freedom because all this time I was trying to figure out how to make my future classroom more exciting and innovative without technology because I am not that experinced and bright when it comes to new media, but that has all changed.   Instead of avoiding the constantly evolving technology in my classroom I have chosen to embrace it.  I have chosen to get a hold of this Bag of Gold as Gardner Campbell mentioned.  This class has truly taught me a lesson that ignorance is a bliss, because I was one of those who agreed to an extent with teachers who were complaiig about learning new media to enhance their teaching and students.  After taking this class I will tell them that if they do not include these new medias in their classroom they are starving their students and are becoming a hipocrite because we are educators its our job to learn but yet we are refusing to learn and keeping the title as educator, dont that sound strange.  Well to me it does and I am glad I took this class especially with the professor I have. He was down to earth and he did not spoon feed us every  single detail but he made us learn it on our own to make sure it leaves an impression and lasts.  I love the way that this course gave me an excitement to become an educator.  I also love how this class created oppurtunities for creativity and new experiences.  I will definitley cherish, value and use mostly everything I learned in this class,especially the new Blog I created. I can only say Future class look forward to a new exciting and ground breaking experience in your education, thanks to all and I know this is not the end to my new passion for learning and experiencing new media, Thanks Professor, Whoo!! 🙂