My Maker Plan! Shoebox of Unity and Education

So here we have it! My maker plan=) Hope you all Enjoy!

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Hello to everyone! A little about myself....I am currently majoring in Bilingual Childhood Education and I will be entering my 4th semester once the Fall semester begins. I graduated BMCC in Jan of 2011 with a degree in Liberal Arts... Everyday I try to do my best in everything and maintain a positive mind in order to move forward and fulfill my goals. Although I feel like I've been on the college path for an eternity, I've realized for me, "steady and slow wins the race" :) I love tropical places and I hate pollution! Hope to island and country hop with my family one day:) Good luck to all, in all that you do!

16 thoughts on “My Maker Plan! Shoebox of Unity and Education

  1. Hey Christine,

    The concept of your maker plan was good, would this be something that each student will make or they will just add on to the box that you’ve already created? You also stated that its for “Unity”, so the objective so this maker will be used to defuse a situation or what exactly? Thanks!!

  2. The shoebox is an interesting object to be used as a personal repository. I think it would be interesting for each student to have their own possibly? It appears that you’re trying to use the box for words that are troublesome. Or is it for ones they know both the English and other language?

    The book is important for them to have something to do with this words. But possibly there are other things that they can create with the words. So each week they have collected words in the box and each week they create something different. These could be all sorts of projects inspired by the words besides just stories. Video, audio, media would likely be fun alternative options.

  3. I really like the fact that your shoebox is entitled, “the shoebox of unity and education.” I love this because of your major it benefits your students in regards to bilingual education and thats such a wonderful idea. That is so cute how you have that little booklet that says, “this booklet belongs to:” I love this idea. I feel that it would really enrich them with the spanish language or if you choose to do that with Italian, French, etc. Great idea. I would definitely use that in the future if you let me even though I’m not doing bilingual education. It is a wonderful maker plan and definitely helps other students appreciate other languages well.

      • Yay I am very thankful for that. I just really like your idea a lot and I feel that it would prosper. Thank you so much. =)

  4. @ eirby,
    So what I originally had planned was to just have them make the booklets and I would be the one going around with the Shoebox and let them pick words from them. Also the objective is to have the Native Spanish speaker learn English a little better and in a fun way by doing this (since the little papers have a word or phrase written on it in both English and Spanish). At the same time the Native English Speaker learns a new language. Also like I think I stated in the video, I would like for the students that speak languages other than English and Spanish to contribute, so in the end they are ALL interacting and learning from each other.

  5. @ Professor Smith,
    I thought about possibly every student having their own shoebox, so that is something that I would definitely consider. I don’t think I was trying to use it for just troublesome words, it was just to simply have Native Spanish speakers learn new English words and vice versa. Also for those that speak another language to continue. I see it as having them work on their own language skills while also learning a new language. Thanks for the idea of using video, media and technology to have them create things! Thanks Professor, good idea lol.

  6. The idea is great, I love it because its true we live in a multicultural world today. That being said, we have to consider every possibility to unite and end discrimination, prejudice, and hate feeling towards other cultures. We have seen this over and over again in the news that it makes me sick to my stomach. I love that you’re going to be a bilingual teacher, your going to get the best of both worlds. I will talk from my childhood experience, I have been judged and sometimes harshly and its not fun at all. This is a great way to end these negative view toward non-native English speakers.

    I think your maker’s project also builds self esteem for all whom are learning. Great Job

    • Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. You’re so right, there’s just so many negative things going on in todays world, as they always have. The classroom is a place that should be safe and free of all discrimination, however that isn’t always the case. So by coming up with this idea I hope to lessen children feeling the way you or anyone else, including myself, have felt at times in the classroom. Thanks!

  7. You have a good idea and i hope you will be able to use it in your future class, i really like the booklet idea as well, i should probably get one because im not so good in spanish, lol, but I think you have something and it definitely will be useful. This is what being a maker is all about, creating things that will be useful and beneficial to your environment. Good job!

    • Thanks Ojobelinda! It’s so easy to make lol, just fold blank papers in half and staple! Don’t forget to write your name in the front =) Thanks!

  8. Nice work. I like the fact that this type of creation can help kids learn words in Spanish that they know in English and vice versa. I wonder if this can be incorporated into higher grade levels like middle school. Obviously this will be a big hit for those in elementary school.

    • Thanks, I guess with some modification to it and using tools like media and video like Professor Smith mentioned, it probably can be used for higher grades levels. Adding more things like that would have them find it more interesting=)

  9. Christine,

    Your shoebox project is awesome because it allows students to participate! I love that you created this project because kids can be cruel lol. And another thing, the best part truly is that students can learn from this gradually. Your somewhat allowing students to use repetitive language to contribute to a storybook, rad idea!


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