8 thoughts on “Maker plan in progress (the reminder)

  1. Clean house, clean your mind. You should place a mouse trap toward the top inside of the can and attack a red flag to the spring clamp. As you start to get full, you’re more and more likely to set off the spring. Not full proof though. Lot’s of false positives possibly.

    You could also play with motion sensors or laser across the top of the can. When you throw something in the beam is interrupted, a little beep goes off. But if it’s full the light beam wouldn’t pass the beep is continuous.

    • Thank you very much I will definitely utilize these ideas and see how they come together. =)

  2. Wow I think your off to a good start, I like your idea because its something that will be very useful, as I was watching the video I was thinking of you adding something that when the garbage is getting full the weight of the garbage would push on something like a lever or what professor stated, which is good stuff, and make the red popup, like a red flag that let you know the garbage is full, its a suggestion. This is a good idea and its creative, I hope for the best on your completion. Good job 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your helpful comments and suggestions. I will definitely take it into consideration and try everything out because I feel that your idea is also very good and it could work. I want to see what can be possible so I will do that. Thank you very much. =)

  3. Malika!

    Wow, a voice activated trash can! That’s some wicked cool stuff! I like this idea much. I remember working constantly on a game plan with my roommate about whose turn it would be to pitch the trash and it never seemed to work out, or never seemed to be fair. Your maker plan is awesome and is totally needed in a college students room lol. This is such an effective way to keep our rooms and minds clean, clear and in control.


    • Haha thank you soooo much. I really thank you for your comment and suggestion. I feel the same way. Yes I want cleanliness in the world one step at a time. haha. Thank youuuu!=)

  4. The concept sounds good, cleaner house for those whom forget to take the trash out. Like me for example, fortunately my husband does it for me (that’s the only chore he has). Anyway I was thinking about a chain reaction kind of thing, I have an idea of how you can incorporate it, but its up to you to decide.

    The way I thought about it is maybe you can put a cardboard like the one you showed in your video and attach a string to it on four sides (not sure how this would allow garbage to get in there, but u can think about something and once it gets heavy (meaning your trash can is full). it would trigger something at the end of the rope. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

    I hope my input helped.

    • Your input really helped and I would never even think of that.Thank you tons for your amazingly helpful suggestion. I will definitely try this out and see how it goes and how it works and let you know =) that is a great idea. For me clean home equals happy conscience lol. That’s good your hubby takes care of your garbage. Haha. Wish someone could do that for me…LOL. thank you so much again, can’t wait to test it out and see what happens. =)

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