Habitual Discomfort in Teaching & Learning

Imagining, reflecting and simply brainstorming are from my perspective the three key/essential components to reinventing and bringing your “A” game in all walks of life and would be the ingredients to break the habitual discomfort in Teaching and Learning. However one can say it’s easier said than done. Another can say “It’s been done before”. But should that stop us from trying? Absolutely not!

Over 8 years I thought I had it all figured out and that my job/career/degree in business would eventually take me where I really wanted to be, but as I woke up one morning, I simply told myself “you need change”. To make a long story short, having worked in a corporate environment it would have been so much easier for me to stay where I was, but I decided I wasn’t happy. It was simple, it was now or never.

The same approach I have today as I will soon begin a new career is the same way I need to stay in an academic setting. It doesn’t matter what subject area you teach, but the wheels of creativity and change must stay moving in today’s quickly evolving world.


The techniques used or discussed in the Jake Glover link talks about reinventing Physical Education. It highlights a video from 1991 where a teacher has students connected to a device to monitor heart rate in order to collect data on how their bodies are using the energy. One of the obvious ways to reinvent any subject area is by incorporating the use of technology. Things such as video games (as also seen on the video link) can help children in becoming more physically fit or interested and engaged in their health. Glover also finds ways to spread his message through the use of music by creating informative raps that provide specific terminology related to physical education with a fun twist to it.

Now the question is, what happens to the schools that don’t having any funding for these hi-tech devices such as bluetooth heart rate monitors/devices and exergaming which is a new to the world of physical education? It requires administrators to instruct their staff to focus on the basic fundamentals just as it was done years ago. A bag of balls, some cones and some simple drills and excercises to keep student active.


The Michael Wesch’s video shows students today and their varied visions of their role in education. The time spent on other daily factors seems to be more time consuming then their actual schooling. What message does that send educators on the difficulty of not only engaging students today but also meeting their individual needs? If we are discussing the reinvention of education, although we immediately jump towards technology, the implication that all educators know how to use it efficiently and purposefully is in correct. Starting with what is available and how it is used, is important in the process of revamping rather than reinventing education. All we are doing is changing the forum and the ways to receive and send the necessary information.

The bottom line is that just as Professor Smith, we need to continue to make it interesting for our students and one self.

5 thoughts on “Habitual Discomfort in Teaching & Learning

  1. I like the fact that you woke up one day and you were truly honest to yourself and told yourself the truth especially in the fact that you were not happy where you were in that corporate environment. I think it’s pretty cool that you did that and you really want to be at a place where you are happier and enjoy pursuing a career that really interests you and pushes your buttons and more importantly, you are truly HAPPY doing. Many people today are doing jobs they are unhappy with that they feel they must do but then again you don’t have to force yourself to do anything you DON’T want to or HAVE to. I really enjoyed that video from start to finish and I was hooked because, it’s the raw truth of what college students from many universities endure. Hopefully there is some change in the future.

  2. Sesh,

    I’m glad you’ve found something else your more passionate about, something you can be creative with and that you can be an explorer in. The corporate world is so bland, your not bland so I’m glad you want to be part of the reform!


  3. Honesty is the best policy lol…It takes a lot for someone to tell themselves they are in the wrong field..we all hate to be wrong. I give you a lot of props for finding something that is worth your time. I also like the fact that Wesch’s video left an impression on you. It definitely left one on me.

  4. to realize that you need to change shows that you really care about your craft and how to keep students engaged with the material they’re learning so that they not just learn the material but gain a better understanding of it.

  5. The great thing is we learn from everything, and every experience really does mold us into who we are and who we WANT to be or do. I hand it to you for really making that change, it isn’t always easy, but in the end to make that change can really be worth it. It contributes to your personal happiness, those around you and the ones you will come into contact with. =)

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