Giant Ants at Work – More Mobile Microscope

This time I didn’t do any damage to the mobile phone microscope as I did for the animated burning candle. I shot these on my walk from the car to campus, which I did basically with my head down looking for ants. So of course you start to notice things you don’t normally including these really beautiful yellow wild flowers.

I finally found my ants on campus near the steps to the entrance of the main building. They were working on their hill placing one grain of sand at a time, which in this GIF makes it look like they’re moving boulders.

Here’s the video as well with an extended look at the ant construction, but look for the critter on the white flower. I didn’t even notice it while shooting (it was bright and a hot 95° in Queens), the things you can discover with a portable microscope.

7 thoughts on “Giant Ants at Work – More Mobile Microscope

  1. Professor,

    I really enjoyed this and actually considering purchasing one for myself. I’m sure my kids will love playing with this. The ants at work building their hill was amazing. Also the video of the flowers up close was so surreal too.

  2. I think this is really cool and so cute. Nature is so amazing. I like the way the little critter was crawling on the flower. Very beautiful.

  3. This is really, really amazing. Something that would be really awesome for children to see and experience instead of animated scenes of ants in movies. What about realty and the beauty of it. I am definitely going to try and make mine in the next couple of weeks. Glad you shared these.

  4. this is amazing i hope you explain how you created the invention during class

  5. This is definitely cool and exciting, makes me want to make one, it like a whole other world to be seen with this new portable microscope. I really like the shot with the ants, we human are not the only ones working lol, I really enjoyed watching the videos and animated gifts. Good Job, you are a maker!!

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