final reflections on AC230

my initial thoughts on AC230 is that it was going to be like a traditional technology class but boy was i wrong! this course is not what i had expected, it’s way better than what i had hoped for. In this course i got to blog about education, be creative and be connected with other students through an internet space like a blog. it has been a great experience learning how to expand your network of people interested or connected in something you enjoy (education). AC230 is diffenetly in the edupunk style. the most important concept that i am taking from AC230 and applying it in my education philisophy is that CHANGE IN EDUCATION IS A MUST! and it is up to us (Future teachers) to derail the traditional way of teaching and connect with our students in a different way.

2 thoughts on “final reflections on AC230

  1. This course was a great experience! I’m looking forward to the live broadcast of the faire! =) I’m so excited, I’m thinking to bring my maker project so everyone else can make it too.

  2. yea i love this course very innovative and i have learned how to become more progressive in my filed of studies and to challenge my self and not become complacent

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