Cereal Box Guitar

Here is my first vid showing my maker plan and how I am going to make the Cereal Box Guitar. However, the final product of the cereal box guitar is more unique than I demonstrate in the video lol. Enjoy. [youtube]http://youtu.be/Jh-iawCxZAA[/youtube]
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9 thoughts on “Cereal Box Guitar

  1. I like your idea of the cereal box guitar. It’s really different and I know that is something I would probably never think about. This is nice considering you are a music and education major and i personally feel that it would be so nice for your students. The rubber bands are a good idea as well. Very interesting.

  2. Cool, it’s affordable, creative and they will have fun with it. You’re just going to have to eat a heck of a lot of cereal! LOL

  3. i think this is an excellent idea. you are very bright bro …. you helped me with my assignment during class, and you know what you want and you got for it. you are going to do well on this assignment, i think its a great idea. seems like you know how to play the actual real guitar as well.

  4. I look forward to seeing the finishing result of your “Maker”. Not only is this fun but will teach your future students about the joys of music and the many sounds they will be able to create with the finished product.

  5. Ange,

    This is a great idea being that your a music teacher in the making. I really think that this project is hand on and can allow students to better appreciate instruments as well as the music that flows through them!


  6. i am sure students will love playing with their “hand made guitar” they can even cover the cereal box with color construction paper and draw on it!

  7. Hey sounds cool, your off to a good start can’t wait to see the finished project on Wednesday, This should be fun!, Good job keep it up.

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